Stephen Colbert Supports Repeal of Florida's Dwarf-Tossing Ban

Matt Cherette · 10/18/11 12:31AM

With the U.S. unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1%, people are desperate for any kind of work. That's why Florida state legislator Ritch Workman submitted a bill earlier this month that would repeal the state's ban on dwarf-tossing, freeing up jobs for aerodynamic little people across the Sunshine State. While many have dismissed Workman's bill as both offensive and impractical, he picked up some A-list support tonight when Stephen Colbert laid out the case for re-legalizing "shorty shotput."

Florida Lawmaker Wants to Repeal Dwarf-Tossing Ban

Lauri Apple · 10/06/11 05:20AM

Citing his "quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people," a Republican state legislator has submitted a bill that would repeal Florida's 22-year-old ban on tossing little people for sport at bars. He's doing it for job creation!