Defamer Penetrates Roland Emmerich's Twink-Filled Compound; Finds 'Milk' Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black

Seth Abramovitch · 11/26/08 03:45PM

As Gays across the nation make last-minute plans for their Milk screening parties—a lot like Sex and the City parties, except instead of Manolos and cocktail dresses you and your best girlfriends show up in Adidas Gazelles and crack-riding gym shorts—we thought we'd once again pay a visit to its white-hot screenwriter. That would be Dustin Lance Black, the frequently shirtless recovering Mormon introduced to you recently on this very blogspot.

Massive Prop. 8 Protest Galvanizes Gays, Allies, Random Celebs

Kyle Buchanan · 11/06/08 12:28PM

"NO MORE MR. NICE GAY," read one of the many signs last night in Los Angeles as Defamer attended a huge anti-Prop. 8 rally that drew several thousand — then set them marching all over the city. (Your Defamer was also partial to another sign, referencing the easily-passed, animal rights-granting Prop. 2: "I Want What the Chickens Got!") It was powerful, emotional stuff, and even more fireworks should erupt today at 2pm, when the crowd takes their fight to the Mormon temple on Santa Monica Blvd to protest the many millions the church sunk into passing the anti-gay Prop. 8. Until then, though, let's relive the night the best way Defamer knows how: with celebrity spottings and silly anecdotes! You can see the Robert Rodriguez-less Rose McGowan protesting up above — who else was there, and who wasn't?

The User's Guide To 'Milk' Writer Dustin Lance Black

Seth Abramovitch · 10/28/08 04:54PM

With Gus Van Sant's Milk set to world premiere tonight at San Francisco's famous Castro Theater—an event that has the locals so excited, the biopic is practically bubbling up and dribbling down their nostrils—we thought we'd take a moment to introduce you to its breakout star. No, not him—you know him already. And not him, or him, or him, or even him. We speak, of course, of screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, whose name you might have noticed standing approximately 30-feet tall at the last moments of the Milk trailer.Variety announced today that the extremely photogenic and openly gay recovering Mormon would be writing Van Sant's next feature—an adaptation of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Pack it up, Diablo. There's a new It Scribe in town. We now run down for you Everything You Always Wanted to Know About DLB but Weren't Yet Aware of His Existence Enough To Ask: I. HE LOOKS GREAT WITH HIS SHIRT OFF