NYC Taxi Hijacking Goes Awry

Jeff Neumann · 02/28/11 05:22AM

A drunk idiot with a long, cab-related arrest record briefly hijacked a taxi early Saturday, and results were predictable: Police chased him the wrong way down a one-way street and he crashed into a utility pole. [NYDN]

Cab Driver Unwittingly Busts Mobile Meth Lab

Jeff Neumann · 12/27/10 06:26AM

On Christmas Day, a Chicago cab driver picked up 25-year-old Joseph Hoffman. When they arrived at Hoffman's destination, he was passed out cold. The driver eventually called police, who found a mobile meth lab and other drugs worth $450,000.

Make Sure Daddy's AK-47 Is Empty Before Showing Off On Video

Jeff Neumann · 09/18/10 02:57PM

Here we have a video of a young (probably suburban) man wielding an AK-47, gangsta style: "AK fo-ty se-ben... something something bitch ass something... shut yo muthafuckin' mouth up something something [bang! bang! bang!] Oh my god. Oh fuck."

Advice: Don't Show Up to Court with Weed

Jeff Neumann · 08/07/10 02:08PM

Here's a scenario: You're wanted on two active assault warrants, and you've got 19 bags of weed in your pocket that you're looking to sell. Want some advice? Don't show up to a courthouse with either of these.