Porn Now Requires Ads, Apparently

Hamilton Nolan · 05/10/10 04:55PM

Amour, a Canadian porno television network, is running a slew of promo ads showing, haha, dumb porno girls being dumb. 1. Since when does porn need ads? 2. Sexist much? 3. What's wrong with you, Canada? You've changed. [via Adfreak]

Manifestos Are Dumb: A Manifesto

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/09 12:23PM

Never in history has anything good come from a "manifesto." Their effects range from misguided repression (political manifestos) to mere annoyance (college student-written manifestos). Oh look, a new "manifesto" is out! "A Slow-Word Movement." First ever good manifesto? No.

Buju: Setup, or Stupidity?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/09 09:32AM

Yes. Eleven god damn pounds of coke, he tried to buy, in Florida. Allegedly! He and two other guys were arrested last week, and now the DEA has released its version of the story, in which a snitch told them earlier this month that Buju et al "wanted to purchase kilogramme amounts of cocaine in the Sarasota area of the Middle District of Florida." Yea, while you're in Sarasota, pick up some coke, k? So the DEA stone cold set them up, undercover style. Allegedly:

Outrage-Off, Tiger Woods Edition: Rush Limbaugh vs. Eugene Robinson

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/09 02:04PM

As if a Muslim president wasn't bad enough, now we have a Cablinasian golfer trying steal the white man's women. It's outrageous. The only solution is outrageously stupid pundit statements. Today: Rush Limbaugh vs. Eugene Robinson. Vote below!

Perv Dogs Support Nude Angel, From PETA

Hamilton Nolan · 12/04/09 04:34PM

Catholic lady Joanna Krupa's pose in this new PETA ad (click to enlarge) has the Catholic League's Crazy Bill Donohue upset, but you know who looks like they really like it? The dogs, and that's the point. [Adfreak]

No, That Is Not Anthrax

Hamilton Nolan · 11/11/09 12:55PM

So far this week, the UN missions of six separate countries have been temporarily shut down and decontaminated because they received envelopes full of flour in the mail. This whole "anthrax" thing is overrated.

Who's Turned on Family Guy?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/27/09 10:30AM

After much deliberation, Microsoft has decided against sponsoring the upcoming Family Guy special, 'Seth MacFarlane's Holocaust Incest Tampon Hour.' They join an illustrious list of Family Guy haters.