Cops: Pizza Shop Robber's Toilet Paper Was a Dead Giveaway

Jay Hathaway · 12/30/14 01:10PM

When Uniontown, Pa., police arrived at the scene of a pizza shop robbery, their primary suspect denied he was at fault. Eric Frey said someone else forced him at gunpoint to write a stickup note on a piece of toilet paper—"I have a gun. Give me $300."—and hand it to the cashier at Michael Maria's Pizza.

Thug Runs Into Lamppost After Bombing Building

Maureen O'Connor · 12/08/10 05:27PM

Nefarious Londoner Amir Ali used a petrol bomb to destroy a pub, then turned around and ran face-first into a lamppost. Here's security camera footage of the violent criminal looking like a total dum-dum.

Nothing Right About Criminal's Plan

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/10 05:07PM

Twenty year-old Jennifer Mercado was a juror on a credit card thief's case. So she stole a fellow juror's credit card. And used it on her lunch hour. And came back to court with the stuff she bought. Winner. [NYDN]