Obama to World: 'I Have My Own Computer'

Seth Abramovitch · 03/30/11 09:58PM

During an interview on Monday, Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos asked President Barack Obama whether or not he had his own computer, eliciting the sassy retort above. He's the freaking POTUS. Of course he has his own computer! That the interview happened to be part of a town hall for students, parents and teachers at Bell Multicultural High School, in D.C.'s Columbia Heights, kind of works against the whole cool-factor, however: Now every teenager in America can say, "I was just trying to be more like the President!" the next time they respond to a teacher's earnest query by cracking wise in class. [via The Daily What]

Students Drink More While Studying Abroad

Max Read · 10/11/10 11:11PM

A shocking new study indicates that students drink more alcohol while studying abroad—on average doubling weekly intake to ten drinks. Drinking returned to normal when students came back, though rates of saying "when I was in Europe" tripled.

CNN Thinks Google Earth 'Blurred Out' Times Square After Attack

Ravi Somaiya · 05/02/10 04:19PM

On CNN, discussing the attempted Times Square bombing, anchor Don Lemon asked former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes why the area was "blurred out on Google Earth because of this security alert." Fuentes, ignorantly, said it was a security measure.

Shocker: Illegal Government Spying Is Illegal

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/10 08:30AM

A federal judge ruled yesterday that the N.S.A.'s covert wiretap program targeting who knows how many US citizens without court approval was (and is!) illegal. Of fucking course it is, come on. But...but...but what if Obama does it?

Darn: Steroids Have a Downside

Hamilton Nolan · 12/10/09 12:36PM

Oh shoot, unexpected setback: Steroids may not be 100% good, for your body. The outside of your body, yes, totally ripped bro. But inside, ripped in the bad sense, like "your kidney has a rip in it, bro, ugly."

Lazy Sex Pervs

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/09 12:08PM

An ad for a body waxing business shows a hairless beaver. There's also a hairless kitty and a hairless cock. When did we stop trying? [Copyranter, who would also like to show you Mona Lisa's tits.]

So You're Into Haggis?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/02/09 05:30PM

Yesterday we received a press release. It declared, "Hello! I recently found your blog post about Haggis and want to introduce you to our website." Oh? Which blog post was that?

Clay Aiken, Broadway Star and American Idol, Reveals Shocking Gayness

Richard Lawson · 09/23/08 04:39PM

Not since the University of Alaska's 2006 study proving that bears do, in fact, shit in the woods has a more exciting and revelatory discovery been made: on the cover of the new issue of People magazine, American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken comes out of the closet. Yes I know. Take a seat and a deep breath before continuing. The long-suspected homosexual (who got caught trolling for gay internet sex a few years back) recently had a kid through a surrogate and starred on Broadway in Spamalot. He made his decision to come out because he realized he "cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things." Welcome to the world, sir. But wait, first Lindasy Lohan comes out on the radio and now this?? Who's next, Anderson Cooper? [Towleroad] (Seriously, though, good for him. All the best.)

Celebrity Media Finally Ready to Admit That Lindsay Lohan Is Dating a Girl

Richard Lawson · 07/17/08 01:36PM

Oh look, everyone's finally starting to catch on to the whole Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson clambake. The Mirror is reporting that deejay Sam's deejay/producer brother Mark and his girlfriend approve of her lesbadoodle relationship with actress and former skiing enthusiast Lindsay. Mark's girlfriend Daisy (also a deejay?) says "Their relationship is totally genuine. And they're just so sweet together." Aw, that's nice. Couple that with the new Life & Style magazine cover (above), and it looks as though the mainstream celebrity-industrial complex is finally ready to accept what people like us have been talking about for a month. Though, heh, we were a little slow to catch on, too. Now I'm not going to get into the whole "this would be so much different if it were two men" thing, so I'll just leave you with a video of Ronson after the jump.

Shocking Statistics: Mostly Women Plan to See Sex and the City

Richard Lawson · 05/27/08 09:50AM

Friends, we are just four short days away from the Sex and the City movie. The most important film ever shot in New York (and the most important film about women, ever) is getting huge buzz and, as it turns out, advance ticket sales. Fandango, the largest of the online-ticketing sites (think: annoying paper bag pre-movie ads) says that 94% of polled ticket buyers are ladies, and that 67% of pre-orderers are planning to go in a large group. My Chinatown bus straw poll yielded the same results: this gawker overheard a woman loudly talking on her cell phone saying that "I want it to be a whole night, we'll go to the movie, then get apple martinis. You, me, Jeannie, Donna, Tina. All the girls. Apple martinis, yeah. A whole Sex and the City theme." (She then yapped for an hour more about God knows what). Like The Devil Wears Prada before it, the SATC movie could prove that movies with a near-exclusive female audience can still be box office hits. For the few non-gay men in the audience it's a good thing that Miranda inexplicably shoots two handguns at once and then Samantha blows up about halfway through. [AP]


Richard Lawson · 04/22/08 03:41PM

Gossip Girl mom Kelly Rutherford (delightful actress, superfluous character) just let slip the true identity of the 'mo on the show. Oops!