Can Acronyms Save Masculinity? 

Hamilton Nolan · 06/29/16 09:10AM

“Men,” the less popular version of women, have shorter life spans, more violent tendencies, and less academic success. Are acronyms the solution to our national masculinity crisis?

Dude Is Going To Show You a Good Time At His Friend's Wedding

Ken Layne · 05/16/13 04:37PM

If you're a fun girl of drinking age who lives in the D.C. area, why not go to a stranger's wedding with a guy off Craigslist? He seems "all right," what with his picture of him riding a lion that is riding a horse, and his degree and good career. He actually kind of sounds like a "catch," plus this wedding is Open Bar.

Mansplainer, For Men: Why Don't Women Like It When You Tell Them They're Hot, In Public?

Tom Scocca · 04/05/13 04:50PM

Dylan Byers, the dumbest media-news reporter in the business, has been thinking a lot during the past 24 hours about the difficulties of being a man. The Politico, America's worst media outlet and Byers' employer, reported yesterday afternoon that President Obama had called California attorney general Kamala Harris "the best-looking attorney general in the country" at a fundraiser. Even as The Politico started and amplified a fuss over the president's remarks, according to its usual mechanical fuss-making protocol, Byers wondered what the fuss was about:

The Drunkest Guys Ever Caught On Video

Eleni Crush · 08/28/10 03:00PM

Drinking is great! Drinking is fun! And YouTube is full of dudes just chilling and doing ridiculous things while intoxicated. Still, there's a difference between being drunk and being drunk. Here are ten of the drunkest guys ever videotaped.