Historic Horndogs May Have Caused a Street to Collapse 200 Years Later

Andy Cush · 04/03/15 10:31AM

A two-foot-wide, six-foot-deep sinkhole appeared on the surface of Dublin's Dame Street this week, stopping traffic on the busy thoroughfare. The reason, according to one historian, may have to do with 200-year-old politicians who plunged incredible depths in a quest to get their antique rocks off.

​This Video Proves You Look Like a Moron When Posing for Pictures

Lacey Donohue · 11/19/13 11:55PM

Club Organizers for the C U Next Tuesday Club in Dublin, Ireland had a great, though unoriginal idea. They asked club-goers to pose for a photo, but instead of capturing a single shot, the photographer took video of the young people strategically posing. The embarrassing footage was then pieced together into a montage set to Carly Simon's "You're So Vain." And yeah, some of these very attractive fuckers are real vain.

Bar, Site of Alleged Rape, Hosts 'Underwear Amnesty' Party

Lauri Apple · 09/03/11 06:46PM

A Dublin bar has begun hosting Friday-night "Underwear Amnesty" parties at which patrons can trade in their underpants for "free" alcoholic beverages. Great idea, right? Not according to the many people who say it's "insensitive," given that a rape allegedly occurred at the bar only a few months ago.

Obama's Fancy Limo Gets Stuck on a Curb

Adrian Chen · 05/23/11 11:27AM

Here's video of Barack Obama's bullet-proof limo getting stuck on the curb outside the U.S. embassy in Dublin, Ireland where he's starting his six-day trip to Europe. Obama was probably in the back going "Gun it! Let's jump this mutha!" (Or, maybe that was just the spare limo.)