Entire Skyscraper Burning in Dubai

Sam Biddle · 12/31/15 01:04PM

The Address hotel in downtown Dubai is currently on fire, coinciding with the emirate’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

A Dubai Skyscraper Called the "Torch Tower" Was on Fire

Sam Biddle · 02/20/15 06:32PM

UPDATE 02/21: According to Gulf News, firefighters brought the blaze under control at around 4:24 a.m. local time. 10 residents of the tower suffered from smoke inhalation, but no casualties or major injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Foul play is not currently suspected.

Cord Jefferson · 07/22/13 11:22AM

A Norwegian woman who'd been arrested for having extramarital sex in Dubai after reporting an alleged rape has been pardoned. Also pardoned was the woman's former boss and alleged rapist, who had been similarly charged with having sex outside of wedlock and consuming alcohol.

Cord Jefferson · 07/19/13 07:38PM

A Norwegian woman in Dubai who reported to police an alleged rape in March has been sentenced to 16 months in jail for having extramarital sex.

Here Are Some Warm Places to Move To

Brian Moylan · 02/03/11 02:11PM

In the northern parts of this country, it's already been a long, wild winter. That makes it the time of year when those of us in freezing cities fantasize about which tropical locations we'd move to. Let's contemplate the options.

China Plans a Truly Awesome Knock Off

Jeff Neumann · 01/07/11 08:30AM

Just three days ago the pride of the Emirates, the 160-floor Burj Khalifa hotel, celebrated its first birthday. The next day, a Chinese official announced plans to build a $1.3 billion knock off of the "seven star" hotel in Beijing.

Latest Rich People Trend: Solid Gold Tattoos

Brian Moylan · 11/12/10 01:33PM

The latest trend sweeping Dubai, the rich people capital of the universe: solid gold temporary tattoos for special occasions like weddings. They last for about a week and only cost $50. Wait, $50? That's nothing. Luxury for everyone!

What Would You Do If Tom Cruise Appeared at Your Window?

Max Read · 11/04/10 02:27AM

Poor tourist Daniel Matthew just wanted to photograph the view from the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building. So it was kind of weird when Tom Cruise appeared. Outside the building. Almost 1500 feet in the air. Want to see?

Experience Dubai's Rapidly Growing Skyline Over the Past 30 Years

Gene Delsener · 08/03/10 11:15AM

Dubai, the luxury capital of the world, was not always so glamorous. Watch the emirate's change from desert to leisure metropolis right before your eyes! You might even say these are the awkward yearbook photos of the swiftly developing city.