Two BlackBerry Executives Got So Drunk, They Grounded a Jet to China

Seth Abramovitch · 12/01/11 10:03PM

To say it had not been a great fourth-quarter for Research in Motion, the Canada-based makers of BlackBerry, would be putting it mildly. There was that embarrassing North American outage, flatlining sales of their new smartphones amid steady growth for competitors, and a stock that has depreciated 77 percent since February of this year. What these guys could really use right about now is some positive publicity. Hahahahahahaha! Sorry.

Naked Man Crashes into 15 Cars 'on Wings of Love'

Max Read · 10/30/11 04:21PM

Breakups are bad news, as we all know. Who here hasn't spent a week binging on raw cookie dough and episodes of The Good Wife after getting dumped? Or gotten behind the wheel of his cab, naked and drunk, and crashed into 17 cars?

Mayor Won't Resign After Public Bender

Lauri Apple · 07/30/11 05:50PM

The city council in Sheboygan, Wisconsin wants to remove the mayor from office because he's a self-proclaimed alcoholic who recently went on a three-day bender during which he got into a fight and passed out at some schlubby tavern that, from pictures, looks just like how stale Cheese Doodles smell.

Carlsberg Workers Strike for the Right to Drink on the Job

Ravi Somaiya · 04/10/10 12:58PM

Workers at the Carlsberg beer factory in Denmark were allowed to drink as much as they wanted. Management tried to limit them to three pints at lunch. They slurred out their displeasure in no unshertain... unshert... uncertain terms.

Puff Daddy Combs (or whatever) Will Not Let This Happen Again

Richard Lawson · 03/13/08 03:41PM

You know how celebrities are always getting in drunken car wrecks and then get arrested and have to go to rehab? And you know how everyone (mostly Bruce Vilanch) is like "Why don't they just have someone drive them??" Well Sean Combs (née "P Diddy," "Puff Daddy," "Diablo Cody," etc.) has been listening to everyone (but mostly Bruce Vilanch) and has decided to start a car service for drunk famous people. "After partnering with Ciroc vodka, he wants to make sure everyone's partying responsibly," says a rep for the mogul. Oh. It's just for a sponsorship thing. Well, that and public safety, right? So future fuck ups like Jesse McCartney or Elle Fanning don't someday, with tragic irony, run over a little child who reminds them of what they used to be, right? No, not really. Combs says the goal for the company is "Making sure nobody gets arrested!" Sigh. [Us]