Street Drummer Sounds Better Than Real Drummers

Christopher Han · 12/26/10 01:00PM

This guy probably isn't homeless, and say what you want about his clothes; there's no doubt he can play the drums. Using sounds not found on a kit - like sliding a bucket - he effortlessly plays seamless, rockin' beats.

Presenting The Best Drummer in the World

Bryan Ridgell · 10/03/10 04:00PM

Rick K and the Allnighters playing "Sharp Dressed Man." It would be nothing special, if Rick K and the Allnighters didn't have the best drummer in the world in their band. His Mad Skillz, inside.

Roboteer Uses Wiimotes to Control Robot Drummers

Frank Cozzarelli · 02/24/10 05:34PM

The robot uprising has started in an unlikely place: drum circles, that college campus staple of native Trustafarian culture.

Robots have no soul, yet they're surprisingly adept at recreating the indigenous sounds that one hears in the distance at so many Phish shows and liberal arts campuses.Roboteer Patrick Flannigan is the madman behind this project, and controls his faithful minions with a couple of Wiimotes.

Tiny Drums No Match for Enormous Man

Mike Byhoff · 12/29/09 10:04AM

Well either this is without a doubt the biggest man on earth, or a really tiny drum set. Either way, he is really good at it, regardless of size. It's also probable that he absolutely shreds on the ukulele.