Mayan Apocalypse Is Total Bullshit, Claim Druids

Max Read · 12/22/11 04:00PM

The scientific and religious consensus that the world is going to end in 365 days when the planet Nibiru collides with earth on December 21, 2012 was dealt a shattering blow yesterday when English druids said their winter solstice ritual was "a good omen for the year ahead." Will 2012 probably be okay because the druids said so? Or will it be the literal end of time because the Mayans* said so?

Solstice Sister

Brian Moylan · 12/22/10 07:01PM

[Modern day Druids celebrated the Winter Solstice—the shortest day of the year—at Stonehenge this morning. For some reason the song "Rhiannon" is now stuck in my head. Image via Getty]

Britain Decides Druidry is Actual Religion

Jeff Neumann · 10/02/10 08:39AM

Britain's Charity Commission today announced that Druidry is an "ancient pagan religion," and granted The Druid Network charitable status. The move makes Druidry the first pagan practice to be officially recognized in Britain as a religion. [AFP; pic: Getty]