The American Police State Hates Black and Poor People

Andy Cush · 08/07/15 11:39AM

The Wall Street Journal today states that roughly 30 percent of Americans have a criminal record of some sort. We’ve been over this before, but let’s take this opportunity to discuss exactly why the figure is so horrible. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, 30 percent of 318 million people may feel like an abstract concept, difficult to wrap your head around. The havoc wreaked upon those tens of millions of lives, however, couldn’t be more concrete.

Sinaloa Cartel Kingpin Escapes From Mexican Prison Through Tunnel

Brendan O'Connor · 07/12/15 08:40AM

On Sunday, Mexico’s top police official, Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido, announced that drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel, had escaped from maximum security prison through a hatch in his cell’s shower that opened to a mile-long tunnel.

Crooked Supercop Bernie Kerik Finally Realizes Drug War Is Cruel

Tom Scocca · 11/01/13 04:30PM

As if all the mayoral-campaign-season tributes to the corrupt and monstrous reign of Rudolph Giuliani weren't enough, now Bernard Kerik—the one actual convicted felon among the city's recent run of lawless and unethical police commissioners—has crawled back into the light of freedom after three years in prison, and he wants to talk. He learned things in the correctional system, he told Matt Lauer. Things that America's Cop (not to be confused with America's Top Cop) had never imagined. Such as?

Let's Take a Moment to Reflect Upon How Horrific Mexico Has Become

Hamilton Nolan · 05/24/12 08:59AM

Sometimes when you wake up in your nice comfortable (or at least reasonably comfortable) bed in your nice (or at least moderately serviceable) house or apartment here in the United States of America, it is useful to take a moment to reflect upon how fortunate we all are, by comparing ourselves to those in countries that may be our geographic neighbors, but whose state of life is quite different. One good way to do this is simply by taking in this, the very first paragraph from a Washington Post story by William Booth today:

Tommy Chong, Drug War Flack Have Comical Marijuana Debate

Jim Newell · 06/24/11 02:52PM

Reps. Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced a bill yesterday that, for the first time, would end the federal ban on marijuana, leaving it to the states. CNN covered the news appropriately, by having a erudite debate between an old stoner actor and some asshole former g-man.

Woman Earns Felony Charge Trying to Help Drug-Busted Son

Lauri Apple · 06/09/11 01:15AM

Kimberly "Butterbean" Meadows is a great mom, in some ways. After her son was busted for allegedly attempting to deal some Vicodin—a plot that failed when he accidentally texted his plan to cops—she tried to take responsibility for the botched sale. Sadly, her plan backfired.

Mexican Cartels Hiring Pre-Teen Hitmen

Jeff Neumann · 11/13/10 02:15PM

Mexican drug cartels are allegedly hiring hitmen as young as 12 years old to kill rivals and, failing that, random people — "maybe a construction worker or a taxi driver" — one kid, "El Ponchis" says on a cartel video.

NYC Still Black People-Arresting Capital Of World

Pareene · 04/30/08 09:22AM

Shocking fact: in New York City, "arrests for marijuana possession began skyrocketing in the late 1990s during the Giuliani administration." Oh, and that's "a trend that continued under Mayor Michael Bloomberg," the responsible soft-spoken billionaire who's continued many of the grossest aspects of Giulinai's reign of terror, just without the blustery hardman talk. And thanks to their team effort, New York now leads the world in marijuana arrests! But you probably don't need to worry, stoner—the vast majority of these arrests were of poor black people, because when they "decriminialized" possession of small stashes in the '70s they only meant it for like college grads and other responsible types. [WCBS]