Bros Are Using Drones to Film Their Frat Parties Now

Aleksander Chan · 06/10/14 08:02PM

All that is seemingly evil in this world—frat parties, drones, GoPro cameras being attached to things—have finally converged. The Sigma Nus at Ole Miss threw a "Woodstock Party" and there is now aerial footage of the proceedings, for whatever reason that needed to happen.

Tom Scocca · 02/20/14 04:15PM

Indian officials are now deploying drones in their ongoing hunt for the man-eating tigress that has been terrorizing the region around Jim Corbett National Park. The heavily forested terrain is reportedly unsuitable for elephants, the traditional mobile tiger-hunting platform.

Amazon Can Read Your Mind

Hazel Cills · 01/19/14 04:30PM

Amazon gained a patent on Saturday for what the company calls "anticipatory shipping," which will let them ship items to customers before they've even technically purchased them. Basically, Amazon can read your mind.

Another Screwed Up Drone Strike Leaves 13 Dead in Yemen

Jordan Sargent · 12/12/13 08:35PM

Today in Yemen, 13 people were killed in what was reportedly an erroneous drone strike by the American government. According to Yemeni officials, a caravan was traveling in central Yemen on its way to a wedding when it was hit by missiles fired from a drone, leaving bodies burned and vehicles ablaze in the middle of the road.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/17/13 12:59PM

A drone malfunctioned and hit a Navy ship during a training exercise off the coast of Southern California this weekend. Two sailors were treated for minor burns, and the ship, which was carrying 300 people, is now being inspected for damage. A Navy spokesperson did not say whether the drone had malfunctioned before.

Nitasha Tiku · 11/01/13 10:41AM

Congress hosted a "historic" hearing this week to allow lawmakers to hear directly from survivors of a U.S. drone strike. Only five elected officials showed up.

Ask Former Air Force Drone Operator Brandon Bryant Anything

Adrian Chen · 10/30/13 12:03PM

During his six years as a U.S. Air Force drone sensor operator, 27-year-old Brandon Bryant helped kill, by his estimation, 1,626 people in combat, mostly from bases in the U.S., thousands of miles away from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Years later, he's dealing with PTSD and speaking out about the realities of drone warfare. Got a question for Bryant? Ask it at the bottom of the post. Bryant will join us at 2pm EST to answer your questions. [Update: Q + A is done, thanks for stopping by!]