If You Drive For a Living, Look for Another Career

Hamilton Nolan · 08/18/16 08:25AM

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future. If you are a cab driver, or a truck driver, or an Uber driver, now is the time to plan for what you will do when your job disappears. And for what we should do for you.

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/16 12:22PM

Thanks to cheap gas prices, a strong economy, and widespread availability of automobiles, it looks like American drivers drove more miles last year than ever before. A little bit of history in the making. Do you find this fact interesting? Do you enjoy driving? What is the best car, in your opinion?

People Are Tweeting and Driving in This Sad, Sad World

Dayna Evans · 05/19/15 10:15AM

A new survey released on Tuesday morning reveals details of what we had all feared: People who drive cars are not just texting their friends while behind the wheel, they’re also using their time cruising to tweet, update Facebook, and shoot videos. Why bother living when you could be dead instead?

Woman: Whoops, My Parrot Made Me Crash My Damn Car

Dayna Evans · 04/16/15 12:30PM

Parrots seem like good enough birds, in the scheme of all the other birds. Colorful and fun and they can mimic human voices—what's not to love? That being said, parrots are birds and not people—they will not help you drive your car—so if you're the kind of person who brings your parrot on car rides without keeping your eyes on the road, you're probably going to crash and it won't be the bird's fault.

Teens Sometimes Change Clothes While Driving, Study Says

Dayna Evans · 03/19/15 09:50AM

Ah, the carefree days of teenagehood. Cruising around with your friends in mom's beatup minivan and not giving a hoot about anything, even keeping your eyes on the road. A new study reports that twenty-seven percent of teenagers have admitted to changing clothes, contact lenses, and doing homework while driving. Unsafe!

Duo Driving Donuts on Toms River Send Dog to Icy Grave 

Aleksander Chan · 03/01/15 09:05PM

A New Jersey police dive team recovered a pickup truck that sunk into the Toms River early Sunday morning after the vehicle was spotted driving donuts on the ice. The driver and passenger later turned themselves into police; both were unharmed. Their dog was not so lucky: Police found its frozen body in the submerged truck.

Obsessed Stalker Spends 6 Months Taping an Asshole Who Runs Red Lights

Jay Hathaway · 11/24/14 12:03PM

Who's worse in this situation? The jerk who keeps pulling the same dangerous stunt of faking a left turn so he can run a red and cut off the traffic going straight, or the stalker who's been recording this behavior for more than 6 months and turned it into a 20-minute montage?

Flying Hatchet Nearly Impales Woman in Car on I-95

Adam Weinstein · 07/30/14 12:45PM

This is an axe in a windshield on I-95 in Massachusetts. How did this particular axe get in that particular windshield, not far from that particular woman's head? The Massachusetts State Police explain:

Sarah Palin's Budding NASCAR Career Cut Short by Speeding Ticket

Adam Weinstein · 07/22/14 03:50PM

When you're Sarah Palin and you get clocked doing 63 in a 45, there are lots of good responses to give reporters: "It was dumb, won't do it again." "I was in a hurry, won't do it again." "Why do you think this is news? Won't do it again." But then, if you're Sarah Palin, you're gonna go another way.

Guidance Counselor Arrested for DUI on Her Morning Drive to School

Adam Weinstein · 05/14/14 10:57AM

A guidance counselor on her morning commute to work at a middle school was arrested by Florida state troopers after reportedly almost hitting another car, admitting to being on prescription drugs, and having a blood alcohol level that was more than twice the legal limit.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/27/14 10:52PM

Talking and texting are still illegal, but a California court of appeals ruled today that it's perfectly ok to use a cell phone while driving if you use it as a map. The court reasoned that because cell phones could only text and call when the handheld laws were enacted in 2006, only those functions are banned.