Pople Drank: What's Up With Pope Francis and His Pipe Thing?

Ken Layne · 12/04/13 01:44PM

Pope Francis is a different kind of pontiff, a friendly and humble Jesuit who loves to hang out on the corner with his people. But what's that bowl-pipe thing he carries around and frequently takes a hit off? It's a mate cup with a silver straw. And it's how you drink the caffeine-loaded "national infusion" of Francis' homeland, Argentina.

Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is 'Nonsense'

Seth Abramovitch · 07/14/11 08:10PM

Are you one of millions of Americans who looks down with pride at the powerful stream of colorless, translucent fluid flowing out of your body every time your empty your bladder? Who takes great personal satisfaction in knowing you've downed enough bottled water in a single day to satisfy the hydration needs of your average circus elephant? Well, a new study suggests you might be wasting your time.

The New Trendy Drink Everyone But You Already Knows About

Adrian Chen · 06/21/11 03:33PM

Apparently there's this tea that people are drinking now called Rooibos tea. I've never heard of it before, but no doubt all of you have and will now berate me for not being on top of the latest alternative beverage trends.

Mixture of Caffeine and Alcohol: The Cause of Everything Bad

Hamilton Nolan · 10/27/10 09:11AM

In America, we trust our kids to responsibly consume rum and coke, or vodka and Red Bull, or six crushed-up Vivarins dissolved in a Solo cup full of Everclear. But caffeine and alcohol in the same can? Absolutely not.

North Korea Develops Anti-Aging 'Super Drink'

Jeff Neumann · 06/04/10 10:05AM

The official North Korean news agency KCNA has announced the development of a new drink that is loaded with all-natural "microelements" that can reproduce brain cells and halt skin aging. Added bonus: "The drink has no side-effect."

Tiger Woods Will Have to Look Elsewhere for Stress Relief

cityfile · 12/08/09 06:03PM

The revelations about Tiger Woods' extra-curricular escapades may now be catching up with him, or it may just be a coincidence, but Gatorade confirmed today that it plans to discontinue Tiger Focus, the sports drink "inspired" by Woods' "legendary mental toughness" that promises to reduce mental and physical stress. The company says the decision to drop the beverage had nothing to do with recent events, though, and was made more several months ago. [CNBC]

Marketers Now Going Bananas For Coconuts

cityfile · 08/27/09 09:03AM

Why did we all get together and agree to stop drinking water? Who knows, really, but we must have at some point because sales of bottled water have been falling fast over the past few months. Which explains why beverage companies are now in the process of coming up with all sorts of crazy new drinks to make up the difference.