John Kasich Decides He Would Like to Be President

Allie Jones · 02/25/16 10:20AM

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has been running for the Republican nomination for president for seven months, decided last night that he would like to be president, after all. At a town hall on Tuesday, he told voters, “I don’t know if my purpose is to be president,” but in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly last night, he corrected himself.

The Dream Ticket: Trump-Carson (Independent)

Hamilton Nolan · 12/11/15 12:52PM

If listening to the current Republican presidential frontrunners speak is scaring you to death, here is something to make you feel better: there is now a semi-plausible scenario in which the entire party hilariously self-destructs.

We Must Build a New New York City Somewhere Warm

Hamilton Nolan · 02/05/14 02:44PM

This nation has a very fundamental problem. Its best city—New York City—exists in a northern latitude so extreme that it is a frigid sub-Arctic wasteland for half the year. Why don't we rebuild somewhere down south?

Trax Read: Check Out the Video for Taken By Trees' 'Dreams'

Max Read · 07/25/12 02:00PM

For the last decade or so, some of the best music to come out of Sweden has been focused on and associated with non-Swedish places. Gothenburg bands like Studio and Air France got called "Balearic" — in the style the chill-out come-down music popular for early mornings in Ibiza and other club-heavy Mediterranean islands — but their songs tended to draw less on the specific sounds of that scene than it did on the hazy quality of distant shores and dreamy memories.

Let's All Be More Like Nicolas Cage and Led Zeppelin

Max Read · 02/15/12 05:19PM

Above, Nicolas Cage describes his acting discipline, "nouveau shamanic," which involves "put[ting] on Afro-Caribbean paint" and "sew[ing] in bits of Egyptian artifacts that are thousands of years old into my costume and gather[ing] some onyx or tourmeline or something that was meant to have vibrations." Yesterday, he told Moviefone:

The Army's Plan to Cure Nightmares

Wired.com · 10/21/11 12:40PM

A soldier tries to sleep. But he is not safe in his dreams. Jolted awake by a nightmare, the combat veteran fumbles in the dark for his 3-D glasses. He puts them on. Around him are the faces of people whom he trusts. They fight the darkness with him. The soldier's re-lived this scene in his head and the laboratory over and over again, until it has become reassuringly familiar. The soldier knows that his pixelated friends will take him away from these troubled dreams. When the scene is over, he takes off his goggles and looks around him. The soldier is home.

Car-Driving 5-Year-Old Almost Makes It

Richard Lawson · 07/22/11 11:54AM

This morning, down in the desert deeps of El Paso, a 5-year-old child was found, at 1 am, behind the wheel of his mother's minivan after driving it into a pole. The boy tried to flee the scene but was caught. His intended destination? Candy.

Fun-Loving Scientists Invent 'Breast on a Chip'

Hamilton Nolan · 01/26/11 03:24PM

Old galaxies! Nabokov butterflies! Milk safety! Insomnia relief! Cell timers! Solar sails! Bat naps! Math extinctions! Ovulation dreams! Breast chips! It's your Wednesday Science Watch, where we watch science—wackily, come on!

The Gang Grants Charlie His Strangest Wishes on It's Always Sunny

Henry Baker · 11/19/10 01:25AM

There's no more bewildering place than Charlie Kelly's dream journal, apparently a random collection of drawings and symbols displaying his greatest aspirations. The rest of our heroes try their best to give him these gifts, if only for one day.

Sorry, You're Not Going to Be on Oprah

Adrian Chen · 11/14/10 03:10PM

The "Oprah effect" has helped dozens of writer, self-help gurus and entrepreneurs. Think about how nobody took Cormac McCarthy seriously as an author before The Road became an Oprah book club pick. But soon the Oprah effect will vanish.

Comment of the Day — The End of Danger Road

Richard Lawson · 01/20/10 04:21PM

Every day we pick a comment for special recognition — for its wit, its insight, or its emotion. While there were many good political comments today, we've had enough of that awful mess. So let's talk about celebrities! And dreams.

NYC Prep: Dreams Are Wishes The Heart Makes

Richard Lawson · 07/22/09 12:05PM

Dreams! NYC Prep was all about dreams last night. Not the fitful things that muddy up your mind while you try to get a good sleep. The beautiful faraway things that some people might call Wants. Singing careers! Fashion!