Ted Cruz, Please Help Us, We Have No Idea How to Stop Donald Trump

Sam Biddle · 03/07/16 11:38AM

Ted Cruz has a new theory: the American political media is in possession of “bombshell” stories about Donald Trump that could ruin him, but are choosing to not publish them for some reason. Ted, I’m here to tell you: we’ve got nothing, and we’re all really fucking freaked out about it.

Good Tweet

John Cook · 06/21/13 01:41PM

"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does," - Jean-Paul Sartre

Diane Sawyer, Confused and Frightened in the TV News Wasteland

John Cook · 06/30/11 10:55AM

Last month ABC News' Diane Sawyer traveled to the decimated town of Joplin, Mo., to anchor World News in the wake of those horrible tornadoes. The brilliant Harry Shearer managed to catch some behind-the-scenes footage of an anxious, tentative, and confounded Sawyer huddling in a shawl against oncoming storms with the destroyed suburbs at her back as her crew frantically attempts put together a broadcast. It's a short Beckett play, about America, called "I Have Nothing."