The Hilariously Morbid 9/11 Art of Texas' Fourth Graders

Max Read · 09/13/12 03:16PM

What happens when you ask a bunch of eight-year-old kids to draw pictures of a horrific, scarring disaster that they not only lack the processing tools to understand but also happened three years before they were even born? You get drawings of stick figures jumping out of buildings with the caption "One-Way Ticket to Heaven."

My Little Brother Made This Drawing in a Timeout

Emma Carmichael · 02/24/12 03:39PM

When my little brother Joey was about six years old, he was sent to "timeout" to think about something he'd done wrong. The thing he'd done wrong that day is now lost to family history, but my father recently unearthed the drawing it produced, and I wanted to share it with you, because it is Friday and because it is hilarious—if also very, very demented.

Man Steals Picasso Drawing from Gallery and Escapes in a Cab

Brian Moylan · 07/06/11 12:25PM

A well-dressed man walked into a San Francisco art gallery, took a $200,000 Picasso drawing off the wall, and walked out of the gallery and escaped in a waiting cab. Was that part of the plan or did we just find the least lucky cab driver/accessory to theft ever?

Benjamin Button Type Arrested For Sex Crimes

Hamilton Nolan · 04/13/10 03:18PM

Police have arrested a 63 year-old man in a string of at least seven sexual assaults near UCLA in the past month. This is the sketch that helped identify him. That is a drawing of a 63 year-old man. [LAT]