The Saga of Chet Haze's Lost iPad

Hamilton Nolan · 02/06/13 11:22AM

If you enjoyed the heart-pounding action of Saving Private Ryan and the taut intrigue of The Da Vinci Code, you'll love dynamic thrill ride that is: The Son of the Star of Those Movies Lost His iPad.

Did Obama Walk Out on the Republicans?

Max Read · 07/13/11 08:06PM

Like everyone else, we miss The West Wing. But it's okay! Democrats and Republicans are trying to put on their own community-theater version of the television program in Washington right now: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor interrupts the president! President Obama storms out of the meeting! And Donna is the victim of a hilarious misunderstanding!

Space Station Nearly Obliterated, No Big Deal

Hamilton Nolan · 06/29/11 08:33AM

"Everyone into the survival pods, quickly! We may be smashed and the pressure could blow! Space death and boiling blood is what we face!" These words or some version of them were likely spoken aboard the International Space Station yesterday around 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, when the astronauts there were *nearly* obliterated by speeding space debris.

Justin Bieber Brings Further Unrest to Middle East

Seth Abramovitch · 04/13/11 12:49AM

The historic Bieber-Bibi Summit—in which Canadian and Israeli dreamboats Justin Bieber and Benjamin Netanyahu were to meet over danishes to discuss hair products and the Middle East—is over before it even began. But just who failed to be the mensch in this situation is still up for debate.

MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough over Political Donations

Jim Newell · 11/19/10 02:23PM

MSNBC, just to put itself on the record as "consistent," has suspended Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough for the same reason it suspended Keith Olbermann: Political donations without advance approval. Interestingly, Politico, where Scarborough writes a column, instigated the suspension.

Rob and Drama go Undercover on Fantasy Factory

Alison Flood · 09/27/10 09:12PM

After dropping 20+ F-bombs during a tiff with his mom, Rob and Drama went on an undercover mission as old people to find alternatives for curse words.

Gossip Girl Bids Adieu To Chuck Bass

nightintern · 09/13/10 09:52PM

While the season premiere of Gossip Girl had exotic locales, scandalous extravagance, illegitimate infants, and cat fights, Chuck Bass was missing in action. The ending presented a healthy serving of Bass and explained his whereabouts since being shot. Video inside.

Sarah Palin's Small-Town Downfall Has Begun

Adrian Chen · 05/27/10 08:01PM

Sarah Palin has traded heavily on her Real America, small-town roots throughout her career. But this is also a great liability. The case of Sarah Palin's nosy next-door neighbor shows Palin's downfall at the hands of pissed-off provincials has begun.