Brendan O'Connor · 09/06/15 03:15PM

Drake Dances on Meek Mill's Grave at OVOFest

Jay Hathaway · 08/04/15 10:22AM

After knocking out Meek Mill last week with successive diss tracks, Drake took the stage Monday night at OVOFest, his annual hometown celebration, to enter the fatality code and Finish Him.

White Kid Caught Ecstatically Singing "Nigga" By Coachella Livestream

Jordan Sargent · 04/13/15 01:10PM

For years, white kids have been able to attend rap concerts and scream the word "nigga" in peace. But now, at least at festivals, livestreams are ubiquitous, which means we inadvertently see something like this: a white kid catching the spirit of a Southern frat party during Drake's "Crew Love."

Drake Visited Lil Wayne in Prison to Tell Him He Slept With His Girl

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/22/15 10:08PM

It's morning on Rikers Island and popular Canadian TV star Drake is waiting to see Lil Wayne. The rapper finally appears, diminutive in his oversize orange jumpsuit. Drake smiles broadly and mouths through the glass: I-FUCKED-UR-GF. A single teardrop rolls down the single teardrop tattoo on Wayne's cheek.

Here's How Sprite Tries to Buy Off Reporters With Free Tickets

Hamilton Nolan · 02/03/15 12:20PM

Here is an email illustrating how brands (Sprite, in this case) pay off reporters and bloggers with free stuff as a direct quid pro quo for coverage. There's also some info about a TOP SECRET Drake and Nas concert we would like to share.

Rich Men Report: Diddy Fucked Up Drake at Art Basel

Sam Biddle · 12/08/14 01:08PM

Just hold on, we're going to the hospital: every monied jerkoff under the sun was at the annual Art Basel confab in Miami this weekend, and it wasn't all bad sculptures and group sex. New reports say Diddy punched Drake in his beautiful face and sent him to the doctor last night.

Drake Is the Taylor Swift of Rap

Jordan Sargent · 11/05/14 02:00PM

Yesterday it was announced that Taylor Swift sold 1.3 million copies of her new album 1989, meaning that she moved more records in one week than any other artist has of any new album in the entirety of the past 10 months. This was appropriately being noted as a historic feat before it was even confirmed, but it is not the most impressive capitalist achievement the music industry has seen in 2014. That, instead, would be everything Drake has done this year.

Drake's Head Is Appearing on Wheelchair Signs All Over Toronto

Jay Hathaway · 09/11/14 04:50PM

Aubrey Graham is internationally famous for rapping and crying (and the winner of a Grammy for same), but although the world now calls him Drake, his hometown of Toronto will forever know him as "Wheelchair Jimmy" Brooks.

Nicki Minaj Gave Drake a Boner

Jordan Sargent · 08/18/14 07:07PM

Today on Instagram, Nicki Minaj posted new stills from her upcoming "Anaconda" video, which appears to prominently feature Drake. And Nicki Minaj's ass. And Drake staring longingly at Nicki Minaj's ass and, somewhere, according to Drake, Drake's boner.