Thatz Not Okay: Can I Use My Roomie's Toothbrush to Clean The Drain?

Caity Weaver · 06/09/14 04:10PM

About a year ago I moved into an apartment with two other long-haired girls and we made a cleaning schedule to keep everything in order. A few months in, I started getting complaints that when it was my turn to clean the bathroom, I did not remove the hairs that accumulate on the drain. I explained that this was because none of those hairs are actually mine as we all have very different hair colors and I have always had the habit of picking up to throw away my hairs every time I shower. (I also think that they don't clean other things properly but have never said anything because worse than being complained to about petty things is complaining about them). I quickly realized that both roommates were very spoilt and continued to believe that I should clean up after them, so I decided to oblige to their requests and start clearing the drain. Using their toothbrushes.

Drunk Miami Man Drowns Searching Sewer for Lost Keys, Survives

Taylor Berman · 05/01/13 09:45PM

A daring and drunken attempt to find a set of missing keys nearly turned tragic on Tuesday. A woman in Miami was waiting on a locksmith after she'd accidentally dropped her keys into a sewer drain when our hero, Richard Brandenburg, 49, walked by and said he could help. Brandenburg told the woman he used to work in the sewers and therefore knew how they worked and where the lost keys might have gone.