Russell Brand Gets Deported from Japan

Max Read · 05/22/11 10:48AM

Russell Brand gets kicked out of Japan. Jane Seymour thinks Arnold has two more kids. And Britney Spears is breaking up with her boyfriend, sort of. Sunday gossip is posting this from heaven.

Chris Brown Escapes Arrest for Window-Busting Tantrum

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/11 10:20AM

A gleeful Chris Brown galavants around town after breaking Good Morning America's window. 50 Cent gives Chelsea Handler a backhanded compliment. Hugh Hefner's fiancee may already be cheating. Wednesday gossip shakes its haters off.

Dr. Phil Takes His Crazy Talk of Cheating Fingers to Conan

Whitney Jefferson · 02/16/11 02:50PM

America's most-trusted doctor graced the set of Conan last night and he spoke about his theory that a man's finger-length can reveal whether or not he's likely to cheat. He adds that Conan was "probably born in a testosterone storm."

The Cynic's Guide to the Oprah Winfrey Network

Adrian Chen · 01/02/11 01:49PM

The Oprah Winfrey Network launched yesterday. New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley calls it "a place where cynicism takes a holiday and mockery hasn't yet been invented." This will not stand.

Would You Be Fooled by Any of These Celebrity Lookalikes?

Brian Moylan · 10/06/10 04:40PM

Toronto-based photographer John Hryniuk has spent the past couple of years photographing subjects at celebrity lookalike conventions. Do you think these George Bushes, Barack Obamas, Sarah Palins, Tiger Woods(es), and Hillary Clintons are as good as the real thing?

Dr. Phil Buys $30 Million Recreation of the Alamo

Brian Moylan · 07/30/10 03:01PM

Dr. Phil must be missing his home state of Texas, because he and his wife just paid close to $30 million for this five-bedroom house in Beverly Hills that looks just like the Alamo. Or a fake villa.

Dr. Phil Dons Inadvertent Hitler 'Stache

Henry Baker · 05/13/10 12:14AM

Wow. The newly moustache-free Dr. Phil seems blissfully unaware of the potential controversy he is inviting by putting on this fake mustache on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In all fairness, Kimmel does heartily clarify that it's "Charlie Chaplin's Moustache." Video inside.

Dr. Phil Goes Nude, Shaves Off Mustache

nightintern · 05/07/10 04:05PM

Dr. Phil finally strangled the caterpillar that has been taking residence above his upper lip for the last forty years. The transition was done on stage at Radio City Music Hall during Oprah's live show in New York City.