Dov Charney's Other Accuser Sent Sexy Texts, Too

Adrian Chen · 03/26/11 05:08PM

Former American Apparel employee Irene Morales sent sexy texts and pictures to Dov Charney that undermine her accusations of sexual harassment. Turns out the other woman who recently filed a harassment suit against Charney, Kimbra Lo, sent some "flirty" emails and texts of her own which Charney's legal team says absolves the notoriously sleazy CEO, according to the Post. Meanwhile, some people have been setting up blogs dedicated to posting compromising images of both women, including this image from a photoshoot with Dov.

Sex, Lies, and the Dov Charney Lawsuit

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/11 04:15PM

Earlier this month, notoriously pervy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was sued for a quarter of a billion dollars by a former employee named Irene Morales. Her accusations of sexual harassment fit with Charney's longstanding reputation for bad behavior in the workplace. But judging by emails and text messages we've obtained, there may very well be another side to the story.

The Media War Begins in the Dov Charney Sex Lawsuit

Hamilton Nolan · 03/09/11 11:29AM

When news broke yesterday of a former American Apparel employee's $260 million lawsuit against CEO Dov Charney for allegedly sexually harassing her and forcing her into sex, the initial reports left out the accuser's name. But this is a civil suit, not a criminal rape case, and the plaintiff's name is public record. A.A. itself named her in its statement, saying that she'd signed a severance agreement when she left the company agreeing not to sue them.

American Apparel: All News Is Bad News

Hamilton Nolan · 08/18/10 03:54PM

Yesterday came the first real signs that American Apparel could soon face bankruptcy. Today, the news for Dov Charney's breast-covering empire grows darker: a shareholder lawsuit, rumored store closings, a stock that's still plummeting, and disgruntled employees emailing us.