Just Cancel Law & Order Already

Richard Lawson · 04/02/10 09:47AM

Seriously. Its best actor is leaving the show, so just be done with it. Also today: more Captain America news, two directors sign on to two dubious sounding projects, and ABC Family has the saddest TV pilots.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/24/09 06:40AM

It's a big birthday for Jennifer Lopez. She's celebrating the big 4-0 today. Other people who will be blowing out candles this fine Friday: Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth is turning 41. Anna Paquin is 27. Director Doug Liman turns 44. Director Gus Van Sant is turning 57. Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz is 67. Artist Alex Katz is turning 82. Senator Claire McCaskill is 56. Governor Charlie Crist of Florida is 53. Barry Bonds turns 45. Retired basketball stars Rick Fox and Karl Malone are turning 40 and 46, respectively. Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame is turning 60. Actor Dan Hedaya is 69. And Wonder Woman—actress Lynda Carter—celebrates her 58th birthday today. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 10/31/08 01:58PM

Narciso Rodriguez was the man of the hour at Bergdorf Goodman last night, where he celebrated the launch of his new coffee table book with guests like Julianna Margulies (left), Jessica Alba, Linda Fargo, Reed Krakoff, Virginia Smith, Roopal Patel, Jim Gold, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Simon Doonan, Hal Rubenstein, Jaime King, Christopher Wheeldon, Dani Stahl, Linda Wells, Mickey Boardman, Patti Scialfa, and, his dad, Narciso Rodriguez Sr. [Paper, PMc, The Daily]

Hayden Christensen's Funny Valentine's Day

Nick Denton · 02/15/08 11:30AM

The gays can be particularly tedious when they question the sexuality of every boyish actor. Which is why one has some sympathy for Hayden Christensen, who's been fending off rumors of a relationship with Trevor Blumas, a fellow Canadian actor, for years. (Here was one effort: "To me, masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate.") Whatever. But the fevered yearning of gay Hayden fans is sweet and innocent beside the promotion by the marketers of Jumper of an official rumor: that the delicate boy-actor is again, just in time for the movie's release, heterosexually dating Rachel Bilson. His cute co-star wears a bracelet engraved with an H; coyly avoids confirmation or denial of a relationship; and the two of them wandered romantically around Downtown Manhattan locations, like paparazzi bait, for Valentine's Day. "To all the ladies who I'm sure would like to know," Rachel told one of the morning shows. "He was a good kisser!" Blech! Anyway, aside from such cynical efforts to draw female fans, and what critics say is a thin plot, Doug Liman's camerawork looks typically stylish, and Christensen's ability to teleport is a special power every teenager has yearned for. Jumper opens today. The trailer, after the jump.

Nicole Kidman Finally Outed, But Not The Way You Think

Molly Friedman · 02/13/08 01:31PM

Hearing the news that Nicole Kidman will play Valerie Plame in the upcoming big-screen version of PlameGate is like hearing your biggest crush is going to be at some party: yeah they're really cute and that's great news, but who else is gonna be there? As in, who's director Doug Liman gonna get to play Dubya (our vote: Will Ferrell, of course!)? Scooter Libby? Bob Novak? Cheney, for chrissakes? As the Jumper director told MTV News, his take on tackling what could go down as one of George Bush's biggest missteps might require more far-fetched casting choices than Cinematical's suggestion of Richard Gere for Novak. As Liman says, "I have a really, really insane take on how to tell it. It's so outrageous." You know what would be really outrageous? Casting the entire movie using members of the SNL family!

Doug Liman

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:35PM

As the director of Swingers and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Liman is responsible for unleashing both Vince Vaughn and Brangelina on the world.

'NYMag' Profile of Director Liman Leaves Out One Thing: Doug Is A Douche

Maggie · 01/15/08 01:08PM

Sunday's New York piece on Bourne director Doug Liman was basically your typical boilerplate profile of the weird genius. Annoying-but-brilliant, healthily despised, and-for the purposes of this here piece-highly redeemable. That is, if you don't count the debasing way the director, son of a hero of civic litigation, treats his assistant. Less relevant to his character, but still a major put-off, we hear Liman doesn't brush his teeth!