There Is No Stopping Olivia Munn

Richard Lawson · 08/31/11 05:15PM

Though some have tried to stop her, the lady isn't budging. She's gonna keep on going. Also today: Bravo makes a bad decision relating to Real Housewives, and Mike Tyson finally gets someone to pay attention to him.

Anthony Weiner Asked to Cameo on Entourage

Richard Lawson · 06/17/11 09:49AM

Sex-shamed congressman and budding amateur photographer Anthony Weiner is of course, following his resignation from the House of Representatives yesterday, considering his next move. Well, consider no further, sir! Entourage wants you.

Mark Graham · 04/07/08 01:40PM

In another case of life imitating art, The Death Star is under attack! By Hitchcockian birds of prey, no less!

Many Psilocybin Surprises In Store For The Boys Of 'Entourage'

Molly Friedman · 03/20/08 02:03PM

What would happen if the douchey Entourage cast all took a bunch of 'shrooms and headed out to the desert to "find themselves?" According to, we'll soon learn. As creator Doug Ellin puts it, "The boys trek to Mexico and Joshua Tree National Park...they'll eat some psychedelic mushrooms...It's one of my favorite episodes. It's their Into the Wild trip." But as any fan of psychedelics knows, the concept of putting four man-children out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but widened minds to entertain themselves can only lead to (further) homoeroticsm and cannibalism. Our hallucinogenic fever-vision after the jump: