Bitter Old Man Threatens To Punch Choire Sicha

Hamilton Nolan · 09/05/08 12:34PM

Doug Dechert, a "sometime PR flack" and sometime-writer who's about 50 years old, threatened to assault former Gawker editor and current Radar writer Choire Sicha Wednesday night. Specifically, Dechert said "I'm going to punch that little prick [Choire] in his fucking face." Dechert—who was once on the receiving end of an email defenestration and a shove from Ian Spiegalman—made the threat at a book party for chaste author Dawn Eden. Which Choire Sicha did not attend. Here are the specifics, from NY Press writer Matt Harvey, who was there:

Toby Young's Book Party: Best Fight Ever, Explained

Jessica · 07/14/06 09:55AM

As half-soberly reported in the wee hours of this morning, former Page Sixer Ian Spiegelman and hebrophobe writer/flack Doug Dechert came to blows last night at Soho House. What follows is a recap of what went down, complete with the requisite "he said, she said" accounts and an analysis of the "fucking pussy" factor.

Payola Six: 'NY Press' Plays Nice, Cuts Dechert Loose?

Jessica · 04/25/06 02:59PM

As are a great deal of our favorite items, this is completely unconfirmed — but we'd like to put it out there anyhow: We're hearing that wildly unpopular and infamously skeezy writer Doug Dechert has lost his column at the New York Press after just one installment. His debut was last week's issue, in which he wrote the cover story about Payola Six and, more specifically, Richard Johnson's wedding. We had found the item at the very least amusing, but it later came to light that Dechert had crashed the wedding (makes sense, as no one in their right mind would want him there), whereas the column read as if he were an invited guest. That might piss off an editor or two.

'Bad Girl' Writer: All Publicity Is Bad Publicity

Gawker · 05/24/04 12:17PM

Today's Page Six recounts a bizarre tale. The facts: Abigail Vona, 19, is publishing a book called 'Bad Girl.' Her agent was her 48-year-old boyfriend Douglas Dechert. (Eww?) She dumped him. He threw her clothes out the window. Now she claims that Dechert, in retaliation, wrote an email from her email to her publisher: this email accuses the publisher of wildly mishandling the book's publishing.