Get a Load of Amateur Night at This Male Strip Club

Rich Juzwiak · 12/01/14 02:18PM

Showtime aired the male-stripper documentary La Bare this weekend, and it was so douchey that I felt utterly cleansed inside after watching it. Actor Joe Manganiello came upon the Dallas strip club the film profiles and is named after while researching for his role of Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike. He was so inspired to document the happenings at the club—La Bare was initially intended to be a reality show, and boy does it feel like it. It is endearingly trashy. The only thing bigger than the personalities on screen are the packages.

Black Vagina Wears Afro, Mexican Vagina Says 'Ay-Yi-Yi' in Douche Ad

Maureen O'Connor · 07/19/11 01:43PM

Douche and vagina soap company Summer's Eve has a new ad campaign featuring talking vagina hands imploring their owners to clean their vaginas more thoroughly. And, in case that premise isn't preposterous enough already, Summer's Eve is tailoring its message to different ethnic groups. Above, a sassy black vagina mm-hmm's while mouthing off ( lip?) about hairdos.

'NYMag' Profile of Director Liman Leaves Out One Thing: Doug Is A Douche

Maggie · 01/15/08 01:08PM

Sunday's New York piece on Bourne director Doug Liman was basically your typical boilerplate profile of the weird genius. Annoying-but-brilliant, healthily despised, and-for the purposes of this here piece-highly redeemable. That is, if you don't count the debasing way the director, son of a hero of civic litigation, treats his assistant. Less relevant to his character, but still a major put-off, we hear Liman doesn't brush his teeth!

Doree Shafrir · 09/05/07 03:40PM

From the mailbag: "Gawker, I am looking for a sponsor for our hockey team that will be competing at Chelsea Piers. The team is a good group of guys all working in the city. One works for Howard Stern, one for Bear Sterns, multiple ad agency guys, etc. What we need is a team sponsor. We will proudly wear any jersey and team logo, anything. If you could help us get Summer's Eve, we will gladly be called the Douches. Let me know if you can help out with this request. It's 8k for a season, but we are open to any and all offers - including those who will pay for the jersey's only. Thanks for your help. Of course, if you help us land a sponsor we will get a Gawker logo on the jersey." Do you ever feel not so fresh? We do!