The Tucker Max Choke-Out Video

ian spiegelman · 08/15/08 06:05PM

Yeah, I know, we're giving lying writer, horrible hack, and obvious scat fetishist Tucker Max too much attention. But, well, he's an awful... thing... and there's always the hope that once in a while showing how much of a shit someone is again and again will actually harm them. I know, windmills and such. Still, here is one of the idiot's sycophantic goons/circle-jerk buddies putting someone in a potentially fatal choke-hold because the victim-also some kind of Tucker follower-dissed him on a message board, apparently. You know, coz Tucker and his dudes are raw. And coz this kinda shit is fuckin' h'larious bra.

Donny Deutsch

Hamilton Nolan · 05/20/08 01:58PM

Donny Deutsch: chairman of the huge ad agency Deutsch Inc., host of the rarely-viewed show The Big Idea on CNBC, permanently hyper talker. The press has always had a love/ hate relationship with the man. He's a dynamic, quotable guy, which is why he gets an inordinate amount of coverage in the first place. But then again, he's a confirmed insufferable egomaniac. Some people love his style; but we've found that people driven by a burning need to hear others talking about them are almost invariably well qualified for the Douchebag Award. As is Deutsch. Five good reasons why:

Famous Musician Offers Job For Stupid And Crazy People

Ryan Tate · 02/12/08 05:59AM

A famous, rich musician of the "urban" flavor, who also works in movies, is offering an assistant job so simultaneously awful and demanding that anyone who agrees to take it is, by definition, unqualified. It will appeal only to the insane, the retarded and the pathologically insecure, and yet its requirements could only be met by an as-yet-undesigned cyborg or human-animal hybrid. Full ad here, highlights after the jump.

The Triumphant Return of Aleksey Vayner!

Joshua David Stein · 01/07/08 12:00AM

While no one thought he would fully disappear, for a while in late 2007 it seemed Aleksey Vayner had faded away. Earlier in the year, the inaugural inductee into the Gawker Hall of Fame had been severely mocked for his fabulist and fabulously hubristic video resume. And then he went deep underground. But 2008 smoked him out whatever anonymous labyrinth in which he sought refuge. And now, on his new website he's flying dangerously close to the sun once again. Though he admits he "received his share of mockery from kids in the bloggosphere," he still wants you to know he can bench press 520 lbs.