Discrimination Against Hillbillies Is Rampant in Higher Education

Adam Weinstein · 05/16/14 02:00PM

The academy. It claims to stand for inclusiveness and diversity and voices of dissent. But what happens when students decide to vote with their feet—their bare feet—and a professor calls those students "hillbillies"? Well sir, you've got a discrimination problem.

G.B.F. Was Rated R for Being Gay

Rich Juzwiak · 12/18/13 02:52PM

G.B.F. is a good-natured teen comedy about prom queens in search of gay best friends. Its depictions of affection are chaste and its language is clean. So why does it have an R rating?

How Google could humiliate Viacom in YouTube lawsuit

Owen Thomas · 07/15/08 02:40PM

Worried that your obsessive kitten-video viewing records on YouTube would be exposed in Viacom's copyright lawsuit against YouTube? You can relax. Google and Viacom lawyers have reached an agreement to anonymize records of usernames and IP addresses in YouTube's video-viewing logs, which Viacom wants to examine to show patterns of willful copyright infringement on the site. The accounts of employees of both companies, however, aren't included in the deal. And that suggests a negotiating tactic for Google.

Ugly People No Longer Welcome to Read Us the News

Pareene · 06/16/08 03:51PM

The late Tim Russert initially refused to host Meet the Press because, in his words, he was "ugly." Sad! He just looked like a regular fat dude to us, no grosser in appearance than plenty of other fat guys you might see on television any night of the week, as SNL cast members or wacky sitcom neighbors. But Doree Shafrir points out that you don't generally see ladies who look like Tim Russert on television, and certainly not hosting important news programs. "We expect our female pundits and news anchors to be intelligent and beautiful," Doree says, "but men can get away with being overweight and unattractive." We kind of disagree with that.

Is One Crazy Celebrity Better Than Another?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/04/08 04:52PM

Designer Jill Stuart may have had enough of Lindsay Lohan's slutty shenanigans! Stuart signed the persistently famous Lohan on as the face of her brand for a big ad campaign last year, but now she is reportedly looking at Hilary Swank as a "more professional image" for her next campaign [Mixed Media]. A double standard could be in effect; a lifetime of drug use and crazy behavior by Rolling Stone Keith Richards hasn't prevented him from being picked as the new face of Louis Vuitton. If a luxury brand wants a wild celebrity fronting it, shouldn't they at least pick an attractive one? After the jump, a visual comparison of Lohan's ads with Richards' ad. See if you can tell which has lived harder.

Cameron Diaz Just Wants The Same Preferential Treatment 300-Pound, Wart-Covered Actresses Get

seth · 05/10/07 08:34PM

A whirlwind promotional tour for Shrek the Third has, unfortunately, given all of us an unsolicited glimpse into the well-ventilated mind of Cameron Diaz: She recently described to Meredith Viera on Today the fascination with her personal life as being "like high school, isn't it? We as celebrities are like the popular kids. People want to know our business." (Yes, that's exactly right! And Justin is the QB, and The Ivy is the cafeteria, and Variety is the student newspaper!) Now comes this curious quote, shared with rarely seen paleolithic Hollywood gossip entity Jeanne Wolf: