Lazy news: New York Magazine finds the Internet again

ndouglas · 04/24/06 10:44AM

Readers of the New York Magazine (ones who don't read Slate, the New York Times Styles, Forbes, the San Francisco Chronicle, or Wired) now know there's a boom on. Writer Kurt Andersen spends three pages (well, the last page is two lines, like the last page of a dictated-length term paper) telling the same story as the other papers, but with the cluelessness with which the New York media glitterati always approach the Internet. It's like seeing USA Today redo a trend piece, but without the humility. So spare yourself the read and use the Valleywag Lazy News Edition.

Hot domains stil up for grabs

ndouglas · 04/13/06 03:27PM

Domains are like women in Silicon Valley — all the good ones are taken, according to journalist Om Malik's latest blog entry. So as a service journalism project, Valleywag hunted down some prime domains for your new startup:

Geeking out: Stirr'd up in Palo Alto

ndouglas · 04/06/06 12:51PM

Stirr's mixer last night brought startuppers, marketers, and investors (and one gossip blogger) to Palo Alto's Fanny and Alexander bar for a handful of one-minute dot-com presentations and a night of drinking, demoing, and awkward schmoozing.

Get rich: goof off!

ndouglas · 04/05/06 12:45PM

Wired News runs a trend story (journalism rule #42: three weak stories make a trend story) on antisocial networking. The tipping point: Full-blown parody site Snubster. It's the Hot New Joke (and by "new" I mean "dated as 'I'm Rick James, bitch'") that's turning into a healthy little community. It's not the first joke-cum-business.

Alloy buys Sconex for high school hegemony

ndouglas · 04/04/06 03:37PM

Another day, another social network site acquisition. This time, says a reader, it's run by at least one MIT kid who might get some schadenfreude if Facebook falls flat on its, um, face.

More bangs for the buck: Ben Brown IMterview

ndouglas · 04/03/06 01:14PM

Online matchmaking is just like the real world: shit happens. The Wall Street Journal points out a few failures and the new effort to perfect it — we can do it better with TECHNOLOGY — from eHarmony, True, and And the goal is always marriage.

Guest story: Sexual Jeeviants

ndouglas · 03/30/06 06:44PM finally killed their best asset, the lovable butler Jeeves. What better excuse occasion for an ex-Jeevester and friend of Valleywag to reminisce.

The plummeting press-release threshold

ndouglas · 03/30/06 01:33PM

Pity the poor PR flack, pumping out press releases, subject to the hatred (and occasional alliteration) of Valley journalists and bloggers. Or just pity the people who hired him.

Blogfinder: the perfect linkbait

ndouglas · 03/29/06 10:51AM

You know those joke sites with the serious lead-up to a punchline, where the "monitor test" or "Let the computer draw you" test gives you one answer no matter what you put in? And how you should only pass on the joke with the same straight face?

How webby are you?

ndouglas · 03/28/06 02:14PM

"How geeky are you," asks Newsweek, ruining a perfectly good cover story with an awkward quiz. Bad enough that half of it is desert-island questions; even worse that the "desert-island book" options don't include the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Who's who in Newsweek's "Putting the 'We' in Web"

ndouglas · 03/28/06 12:53PM

Everyone knows that Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield were made for pretty photos. Flickr's founding couple does a great job sexing up the cover of the latest Newsweek as the poster children for the new feel of the Net. In case you missed the last three years of what Newsweek calls "the Living Web," here's an intro to the cast.

Wagging the data: Why Facebook won't sell for $2 billion

ndouglas · 03/28/06 12:12PM

BusinessWeek writer Steve Rosenbush is the latest sipper of the Facebook Kool-Aid, putting a positive spin on its "sell for $2 billion" plan in his latest article. (Tuesday morning drinking game: take a shot every time he follows a doubt with a "but" — as in, "Facebook doesn't match the scale of MySpace, but...")