Meet Virginia’s New Sleazebag Governor

J.K. Trotter · 11/07/13 11:50AM

On Tuesday the Commonwealth of Virginia elected Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic fundraiser and failed businessman, as the state’s next governor. Due to a flood of donor money, however, you’ve probably only heard about his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli, whose campaign built an entire website dedicated to his support of anti-sodomy laws. This is somewhat troubling because McAuliffe is his very own kind of shitshow. Here’s what you should know.

The Mickey Kaus Oppo Research Project

John Cook · 04/15/10 02:26PM

Poor blogger Mickey Kaus is running for Senate, and no one really cares. But we do, so we launched a little project to gather dirt on him. The best we got is that he brings heroin-addicted sex perverts into schools.

Rachel Maddow Bought a TV

Pareene · 04/08/09 09:43AM

Rachel Maddow, who basically everyone wants to hang out with, lost one of her "mentioned by every damn interviewer" quirks recently, when she got drunk and bought a TV.

PodTech's future may lie in new CEO's past

Tim Faulkner · 08/23/07 04:35PM

PodTech may finally have rid itself of founder John Furrier's so-called leadership. But how will new CEO James McCormick fare? We've already pointed out that, despite 23 years of experience, he has never been the public face of a company. His past as an operations and finance executive is also littered with repeated failures: disgruntled employees, lawsuits, bad mergers, and other flameouts. McCormick may get by for a time simply by not being Furrier, but the failures linked to him through his resume do not bode well for the troubled videoblogging network.