Nickelodeon getting into the mom- and kid-games market

Jordan Golson · 03/20/08 04:00PM

"What video is to TV, games are to the Web," says Steve Youngwood, executive vice president for digital media at Viacom's Nickelodeon channel. We're not sure about that, but "casual gaming" is definitely big business — Nickelodeon is spending $100 million on new gaming initiatives including 600 original games for its websites, branded with its various entertainment shows. The appeal is obvious: For a 9-year old girl, why watch Dora the Explorer when you can be Dora the Explorer?

Why Alec Baldwin Dumped CAA: The Dora Connection

mark · 04/27/07 11:52AM

Earlier this week, we were shocked—shocked! etc etc—to discover that embattled actor Alec Baldwin had abruptly dismissed his CAA agents, as what any performer needs most during times of personal crisis is a group hug from the only people in Hollywood genuinely concerned about their welfare: the ones earning healthy commissions from them. While the theory that Baldwin might have been locked in a heated battle with his ex-wife for sole custody of the agency certainly made enough sense, today's Page Six floats a theory that pulls yet another innocent child into the matter: