Justin Bieber Has an Uncanny Doppelgänger, and He Isn't Even a Lesbian

Rich Juzwiak · 01/10/13 04:20PM

Meet Robin Verrecas, an 18-year-old owner/creative designer from Oostkamp, Belgium, who has worked for Coca Cola since birth, or so says his Facebook. This would be amazing in itself, but no matter what Verrecas accomplishes in life, it will always be overshadowed by his freakish resemblance to Justin Bieber. He seems at peace with this: one day when he was "B o r e d," he did a Chimpmunks-style lip synch to Bieber's "Girlfriend" and uploaded to Vimeo, and he often poses in pictures with the same, "I'm constipated...but should I be at this age?" look that Bieber is fond of.

Fox News Confuses Tina Fey with Sarah Palin

Maureen O'Connor · 06/06/11 12:06PM

Fox News accidentally revealed its deepest, darkest secret yesterday: The public figure known as "Sarah Palin" is actually an elaborate comedy sketch by Tina Fey. This clip from America's News HQ, in which Palin employer/promoter Fox News illustrates a Palin story with an image from Fey's Saturday Night Live Palin impression, pretty much proves it. Turns out Roger Ailes secretly wants to be Lorne Michaels. [Video via Crooks & Liars]

The Facebook Doppelgänger Meme Is Embarrassing

Doree Shafrir · 02/05/10 06:05PM

Please, everyone, for the love of God: Stop changing your Facebook profile pictures to your famous "doppelgänger." It's revealing some uncomfortable truths about our friendship.

A Hipster Grifter-esque Affair

Hamilton Nolan · 10/06/09 03:17PM

Thirty year-old Melanie Chen of Ohio has been sentenced to eight years in jail for soaking friends and relatives for $800k for fraudulent "medical bills" and spending the money on "things that didn't matter." How derivative. [UPI]

Edelman Memo or Totalitarian Propaganda?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/16/09 04:18PM

Massive enemy PR firm Edelman is moving its office from Times Square to Hudson Square. Employees received (and leaked!) a motivational brochure that has a decidedly...propagandist design style. Compare:

Nigerian Businessman Has Urgent Offer For Mr. Madoff

Hamilton Nolan · 05/21/09 10:20AM

Hello friend, my name is Ade Ogunjobi. I received your contact information in good faith from our mutual friend, Mr. Bernie Madoff, and my corporation, Toks Inc, is prepared to offer the sum of $100 trillion ($100,000,000,000,000) for Mr. Madoff's business. Please respond quickly.

Kari Ferrell Is Memetastic

Hamilton Nolan · 04/18/09 09:00AM

Hipster Grifter Kari Ferrell's old roommate says "She just texted me two days ago to talk about the Utah Jazz." And other fun facts! Oh and she already has a celebrity impersonator:

Montauk Monster Stars In Car Commercial

Hamilton Nolan · 12/18/08 03:46PM

So it's happened: the Montauk Monster has sold out. This Brazilian Volkswagen ad purportedly features a "dogfish," but its true identity is clear. You've come a long way, Monty. Video proof after the jump:

All White Men Look Alike In Chinese Stereotype Reversal

Hamilton Nolan · 08/20/08 10:37AM

When will the far East stop its racist stereotyping of the white man? Athletes from across the world define the Chinese by the slanty-ness of their eyes. But China is just as bad. They harbor the ludicrous notion that whites look alike! Listen carefully, China: BBC pundit Steve Parry is a tall, white, goofy former swimmer. But Michael Phelps is a tall, white, goofy current swimmer. Being mistaken for someone else is just one more thing white men in China are forced to endure, like weird foreign food and a lack of readily available American flag bumper stickers. Watch the clip of Parry being mobbed by enthusiastic Michael Phelps fans below:

Banksy vs. Banxy

Hamilton Nolan · 07/30/08 11:45AM

Well god damn. Banksy really is mysterious! A couple of weeks ago we showed you what was allegedly a 1999 photo of Banksy, the once-secret-but-now-maybe-not street artist. Before that, there had only been one known photo of the man in existence. But looks like there's still only one known photo. Stupid Brits and their stupid names! Here's what happened: A tipster wrote in to point out that the new photo we found is probably not of Banksy, the artist; it's of Banxy, the break dancer. Well who the fuck can keep track, really? Banxy is a dancer and performer in the UK who once appeared in a dance TV show with Deborah Bull, the British ballet dancer who appears with "Banksy" in this photo:

Ashley Dupre, Out And About

Hamilton Nolan · 05/01/08 01:17PM

Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer's call girl and special friend, is back on the town! She's feeling safe enough from the hordes of paparazzi to venture out to the clubs once again, and that seems only fair. Dupre was reportedly out partying at Marquee last night [Steve Lewis], where "she sat very inconspicuously on the back of a banquette waving her arms and partying like a party girl." We're offering a $100 prize for a picture of her (cell phone camera or otherwise) at the club. Email us. And some nightclubs are so excited, they'll even settle for anyone vaguely resembling New York's most famous political party girl:

Roger Clemens: Baseball's Eliot Spitzer

Hamilton Nolan · 04/29/08 09:42AM

Here on day two of the Roger Clemens Infidelity Scandal And Schadenfreude Festival Of '08, it's becoming more clear that the brawny former Yankees ace pitcher and full time jerk did in fact cheat on his wife with the wild country singer Mindy McCready. Because now she's admitted it! McCready said the two did have an ongoing affair, although the sex didn't start until she was of legal age. They first met when she was only 15, (Miley Cyrus joke). But the most entertaining aspect of this scandal is how Clemens—heroic, honored, self-righteous, dismissive of critics, a King of New York—is turning into an uncanny baseball version of another recently fallen hero: Eliot Spitzer.

Chris Farley Returns To Earth For Yankees Game

Hamilton Nolan · 04/02/08 08:11AM

Some AP photographer was roaming around Yankee stadium during the rain delay, and who did he stumble upon but overweight deceased SNL comedic maniac Chris Farley! Farley, who passed away in 1997, apparently assumed human form once again in order to take in the historic final opening day in the classic ballpark. The identity of his female companion remains unknown. Click to enlarge the pic, via the WSJ.