Will The Nu-Vampire Trend Please Die? Tonight?

Foster Kamer · 10/31/09 08:15PM

Remember the Tarantino/Rodriguez camp-fest that was From Dusk Til' Dawn? George Clooney killed a bunch of south-of-the-border stripper/hooker-vampires using holy water-loaded Super Soakers. That was in 1996, and it should've been the end of vampire-cool. Now look where we are.

Kate Moss, Lily Allen, and The Rock Chick Diet

Foster Kamer · 08/08/09 06:15PM

Want to know how awesome starlets Lily Allen and Kate Moss stay in shape? This isn't a joke about blowcaine! You can do it, too. Kate and Lily took the most awesome Rock Chick vacay ev-ah and looked awesome. How?