Contrary to DNC Claim, Hacked Data Contains a Ton of Personal Donor Information

Sam Biddle · 06/17/16 02:36PM

When the Washington Post reported Monday that the Democratic National Committee’s servers had been breached by a team of Russian hackers, the DNC was quick to claim that nothing pertaining to the party’s many supporters had been pilfered. But a new cache of apparently hacked documents obtained by Gawker contains a wealth of donor information, including e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for hundreds of high-profile and wealthy Democratic fundraisers.

Rich Republicans Are Still Trying to Field a Half-Decent Presidential Candidate

Jim Newell · 12/07/11 01:15PM

Think about it, a little more: Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. It wasn't the best year for recruiters of Republican presidential candidates. And now that the deadline has passed in most early states to get on the primary ballot, there's no chance for anyone else to jump in. Unless the incompetent rich Republican donors "pull some strings," or whatever it is that the rich do in emergencies.

Mitt Romney Has the Creepiest Secret Rich People Donors

Jim Newell · 08/04/11 11:31AM

Here's just the latest sign that our campaign finance laws are healthy in every way the Founding Fathers could have imagined: A secret company that no one knows anything about has given Mitt Romney's SuperPAC $1 million and quickly dissolved into nothingness. The folks behind this fly-by-night operation are probably relaxing on a beach in Mexico by now! Oh man.

Billionaires, Hedge Funders Beg Chris Christie to Run for President

Jim Newell · 07/20/11 02:37PM

While some hedge funders appear to be sticking by President Obama, mostly because he ate a fancy meal with them, others are still desperately searching for a viable Republican alternative who won't even occasionally use semi-mean language in public about the lords of high finance. That's why they're still trying to convince New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run, because he only says mean things about all middle class people, all the time.

Koch Brothers to Democrats: Stop Asking us For Money

Jim Newell · 07/08/11 01:42PM

Koch Industries, the wealthy industrial corporation run by right-wing activist billionaires David and Charles Koch, recently got a standard-issue voicemail solicitation from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair Sen. Patty Murray, asking for money. A simple "no, sorry" wouldn't suffice. The company's PR chief had to publish an arch letter condemning Murray for hypocrisy, along with a recording of her voicemail.

Overheard: Obama's Private Conversation with Donors

Jim Newell · 04/15/11 12:53PM

Sneaky CBS Radio News reporter Mark Knoller listened in to a private chat between the president and elite donors following a Chicago fundraiser last night. The president had no idea that this reporter could still hear the feed! Naughty Mark Knoller. Anyway, what's the dirt?

George Soros Bailing on Democrats Before Midterm 'Avalanche'

Jim Newell · 10/11/10 05:23PM

Be scared, Democrats, because Daddy's taking the credit card away. That's right: George Soros, the billionaire financier who's bankrolled many Democratic victories in previous years, isn't donating to them this year, saying that even he can't stop the Republican "avalanche."