The Presidential Race Is Over; Donnie Wahlberg Has Chosen

Melissa Cronin · 02/21/16 02:19PM

Few endorsements are enough to convincingly, without a shred of a doubt, predict the candidate who will become the leader of this many-splendored country. But the country’s foremost pundit and ex-Funky Bunch member Donnie Wahlberg has spoken, and the race can, for all intents and purposes, end.

Mark Wahlberg's New Restaurant: Wahlburgers

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 04:10PM

Beefcake brothers create beef cake cafe! Hotties to hawk hamburgers in Hingham. Mark and Donnie Wahlberg recently secured the trademarked name Wahlburgers, which is what they plan to call their 4300-square-foot restaurant in Boston's Hingham Shipyard, where they already have an Italian restaurant called Alma Nove. Well done. [Boston Herald, Wahlberg brothers at a Lakers game via Splash]

Donnie Wahlberg Can Get You a Kidney

Max Read · 04/26/11 08:29PM

Donnie Wahlberg isn't just an actor and beloved member of New Kids on the Block. He's also an organ broker! Not in the traditional, wake-up-with-a-huge-scar-in-a-hotel-bathtub-filled-with-ice way, either: Wahlberg helped a fan find a 100-percent legitimate new kidney, using only Twitter.

Blue Bloods: Your Father's Cop Show

Matt Toder · 09/27/10 12:45PM

Last Friday was the premiere of CBS' new cop drama Blue Bloods, which follows a family of New York City cops starring Tom Selleck and his moustache. Though not entirely inventive, it is pretty effective, for half the episode.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/17/09 06:47AM

Robert De Niro turns 66 today. Sean Penn is turning 49. Controversial book publisher Judith Regan is 56. Yankees star Jorge Posada is turning 38. J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison are both turning 65 today. John McDonald, the restaurateur behind Lure Fishbar, Chinatown Brasserie, and the now-closed Lever House, is 41. Jonathan Franzen, the author of The Corrections, is 50. E! host Giuliana DePandi Rancic is 34. Nicola Kraus, the co-author of The Nanny Diaries, is 35. Hollywood exec Gail Berman is turning 53. Singer Belinda Carlisle is 51. Retired tennis player Jim Courier turns 39. Donnie Wahlberg is turning 40. Former Senator Norm Coleman is 60. And Rick Hilton, father of Paris and Nicky, turns 54 today.

Helen Mirren, Nazi Huntress

STV · 09/26/08 12:40PM

· Helen Mirren will trade in her two-piece for a gun in The Debt, a remake of an Israeli hit about a Mossad agent who comes out of retirement to track down a war criminal. [Variety] · TNT fell for the old "Buy a Bruckheimer, Get a Wahlberg For Free" trick, not realizing it negotiated for Donnie's new Boston cop procedural Bunker Hill. Gotta read those contracts, gang. [THR] After the jump: Salma Hayek storms Fox, Jeff Zucker reassures nobody, Earl's preem crashes.· Completely over the success of Ugly Betty, executive producer Salma Hayek's budding media empire will next overtake Fox with the multiethnic family comedy The New McToms. [THR] · At an exec powwow in London on Thursday, noted NBCU economist Jeff Zucker insisted that his network's value to GE "only increases if there is less coming from the financial divisions." And the Olympics? "We measure success in ways that are far greater than the bottom line." Indeed, this man has all the answers. [THR] · And not to pile on, but last night's My Name is Earl and ER premieres were down 29% and 20%, respectively, from last year's bows. But that's OK — maybe NBC doesn't measure success that way, either. [The Live Feed] · Director Gary Fleder has reupped with ABC to helm every episode of every ABC series produced through the end of time. Or television, whichever comes first. [Variety]