Man Caught Having Sex with Donkey Claimed It Was a Shapeshifting Hooker

Seth Abramovitch · 10/26/11 08:07PM

A Zimbabwean man was busted on Sunday at 4 a.m. penetrating a donkey tied to a tree in his backyard (with his penis). The man, 28-year-old Sunday Moyo, admitted to the court that it indeed must have looked bad — but hear him out! Because only a few hours earlier, the donkey was a human prostitute.

Texas Congressional Candidate Sternly Lectures Some Donkeys

Jim Newell · 08/23/11 04:33PM

Here's Texas congressional candidate Roger Williams, Republican, giving a good tongue-lashing to some welfare queen donkeys. Take some personal responsibility for once, you damnable beasts! "These donkeys don't live in the United States of France, they live in the United States of America," he tell us, before turning to the donkeys and saying, "Have you ever heard of the Constitution?" And yet this hypocrite is probably all-compliments when the elephants drop by.

Put a Zedonk On It

Max Read · 07/27/10 10:45PM

[This is a four-day-old zedonk standing with its mother at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia. A zedonk is 50 percent zebra, 50 percent donkey, and 100 percent CUTE. Photo via AP.]

When Donkeys Fly: An Ad Campaign Gone Awry

Jeff Neumann · 07/20/10 05:09AM

Say you're an entrepreneur trying to sell parasailing trips at the beach, but advertisements aren't working. What do you do? Attach a screaming donkey to a parachute and let it drift, because nothing says "beach getaway" like a tortured animal.