Two Years Ago, I Saw a Sad Black Boy Named Donald Glover

Kyla Marshell · 12/07/13 04:00PM

What train do you want to take? my date asks. I don’t answer, because I have no idea where we are. It's Halloween 2011 and we're going to Brooklyn Bowl to see Donald Glover, the writer/actor/comedian touring the country with his buzzy new album, Camp. I am told that Donald performs under the computer generated rap name Childish Gambino. Neither my date, nor I, can imagine a day two years in the future where hundreds of thousands of people will actually be anticipating the release of his third album, Because the Internet. We have just come from hearing Angela Davis speak about Black women, writing, and using our creativity to battle oppression.

Donald Glover Bared His Soul on Instagram Last Night

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/15/13 10:05AM

In a series of handwritten notes inscribed on Marriott Residence Inn stationary with the slogan "ideas worth saving," Donald Glover, better known these days as Childish Gambino, opened up wide about a host of personal torments and tribulations, from his past struggles to his future fears.

Donald Glover Freestyles on Lopez Tonight

Whitney Jefferson · 03/08/11 12:30PM

Before ending his interview with a freestyle rap, Don Glover shared tales of "shocking his junk," how he got his job at 30 Rock, and even threw in an impression of Chris Rock for good measure.

Donald Glover on Spiderman 4

Whitney Jefferson · 02/07/11 09:00PM

At a recent show at the Comedy Connection in Rhode Island, Don Glover took a little time to talk about the online push to make him the next Spiderman.

Community: Troy Turns 21

Whitney Jefferson · 12/03/10 02:46PM

Last night on Community, Troy's world was rocked when he realized that his mother lied to him about "turning 10 years old twice" and that he was actually about to become legal. Naturally, the group heads to the bar!

Community's Zombie-Filled Halloween Special

Whitney Jefferson · 10/29/10 09:37AM

Last night's Community was a thrilling 30-minutes thrilling zombie-filled action. Spoiler alert: all of our favorite cast members get bitten and turned into zombies — but how they get there is the best part. Highlights inside!

Donald Glover on Being a Black Nerd

Morgan Barry · 08/13/10 08:00PM

In 2003 it was illegal for black people to be nerds. Sad but true. Listen as Donald Glover rejoices for being able to live a life now, free to embrace his nerd-dome thanks to our President.

Donald Glover Talks About Penises

Gene Delsener · 08/06/10 08:00PM

Community star Donald Glover talks about getting bad advice on his stand-up. Lets just say Glover is the ego, Chris Rock is the superego and Tracy Morgan is the id.