Nineties Nostalgia Has Officially Begun

Richard Lawson · 03/10/11 05:15PM

If you mid-late twentysomethings weren't feeling the creep of years yet, this TV news will get you there. Also today: pilot news about a terrible musical show, Keira Knightley slums it, and Hemingway gets his wives.

The Bad Luck Tale of Donal Logue

Richard Lawson · 12/06/10 05:09PM

The dude just can't seem to make it happen. Sad thing. Also today: the return of Chris Tucker, Neil Patrick Harris gets an interesting gig, and a comedy about politics seems redundant.

Terriers Reveals the "Raccoon" in Hank's Attic

nightintern · 09/30/10 12:25PM

Last week's episode hinted that something was amiss in Hank's new/old house, before teasing us in the final scene with an image of some sort of burglar retreating into the ceiling while Hank was distracted with his guitar.

FX's Terriers a Great Way to Kick Off Pilot Season

Matt Toder · 09/09/10 04:10PM

Welcome to Pilot Season 2010! It's the magical time of year when the networks roll out all their new programming hoping to capture the world's attention, but sometimes end up with our scorn. First up: the new FX show Terriers.