Pizza Delivery Driver Fired for Typing Racist Note on Receipt

Matt Cherette · 08/23/10 07:41PM

A Domino's Pizza delivery driver in Apex, NC has been fired after a black customer noticed the words, "N*GGER DON'T TIP" printed on the bottom of her receipt and reported the incident. Now, she's receiving several threatening calls. Video inside.

The Fuel That Powers Paulson: Domino's Pizza

cityfile · 11/25/08 09:36AM

We're not sure if this is a sign that the bailout is doomed, or just a signal that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson really is contemplating endorsement deals to revive the economy, but this morning Bloomberg News squeezed a brand name in the headline of a story about the frantic, behind-the-scenes work involved in rescuing Citigroup this past weekend: "Citigroup's $306 Billion Rescue Fueled by Pizza From Domino's."

Pizza Ordering No Longer Strenuous

Hamilton Nolan · 11/18/08 01:28PM

The nifty technology of TiVo is killing the advertisers that subsidize free television, which is why TiVos are so widely used by greedy socialists such as yourself. The friendly Domino's Pizza corporation, however, has figured out a way to work with TiVo to both enrich themselves and serve you, the lazy American consumer. Aren't you tired of having to push buttons on a telephone to summon a pizza to your doorstep? Well there's no need to exercise your pudgy fingers any more! Because now when you try to skip over a Domino's ad, it will automatically give you the option of ordering a pizza through your TiVo. This is a breakthrough in ease of service to our nation's cheese-laden bellies: