Domino's Replies to Man Who Claims He Burned His Dick Fucking a Pizza

Taylor Berman · 02/25/14 12:02PM

Every day, social media editors around the world face difficult decisions. For example: does the guy who claims he burned his dick while fucking a pepperoni pizza deserve a response from your company's official Twitter account? For one social media person at Domino's, the choice was obvious.

Food Engineers Now Making Your Burger Look Cool, Casual, Real

Maggie Lange · 06/18/13 10:34AM

Like a pair of pre-ripped jeans from Abercrombie or a distressed logo tee from Zazzle, America's food conglomerates are embracing a more easy breezy natural look when it comes to your food. And as expected, making processed food seem unprocessed involves more processing.

I Can't Stop Watching This Hilariously Stilted Japanese Domino's Ad

Max Read · 03/08/13 08:55AM

Here's Domino's Pizza Japan president Scott Oellkers introducing a new Domino's pizza iPhone app. What is it about this? The jump cuts? The closeups of Oellkers' eyeballs? Oellkers' own natural showmanship? The little flourish he does at the end?

This is the Saddest Sentence About Pizza Ever

Mallory Ortberg · 02/24/13 12:30PM

One of the small and tidy comforts in life is the knowledge that when the latest winter storm sweeps through, trapping you inside your home for days on end, you can at least hunker down with some delivery and ride out the worst of it. And the pizza delivery drivers...they're fine, right? They've got those special pizza cars, or something. They wouldn't be out driving in weather like this if they couldn't handle it. Just ask this nice lady who owns a pizza place in Iowa:

Japan Loves Pizza So Much

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/12 09:09AM

In Japan, your average Domino's Pizza outlet has 50% higher sales than a U.S. outlet. Why? Because Japanese people are weird. From Ad Age:

Corporate Pizza Turf War Turns Fiery in Florida

Lauri Apple · 10/29/11 12:04PM

"When you're a Domino's manager you're a Domino's manager all the way, from your first cigarette to your last fiery hit on a Papa John's outlet that results in arson charges for you and your colleague." This is how the song might go today, if West Side Story were set in modern-day Florida and about rival corporate pizza chain crews instead of New York City gangs.

Man Seeks Justice After Bloody Band-Aid Pizza Encounter

Lauri Apple · 07/31/11 02:30PM

Perhaps the only thing worse than discovering spiders hiding in your Domino's pizza is biting down on your Pizza Hut pizza and finding a Band-Aid caked with dried blood in your mouth. Of course, the latter could never happen, right?

Man's Pizza Comes With Free Topping: A Poisonous Spider

Lauri Apple · 05/29/11 05:28PM

If you lived in New Zealand and found a poisonous white-tailed spider hiding in your Domino's Pizza box, would you: a. scream; b. run into another room as fast as possible, then scream; or c., scold the spider for disturbing the peace in violation of national custom?

Woman's Life Saved Because She Orders Pizza Every Day

Richard Lawson · 02/22/11 02:05PM

Don't feel guilty about your terrible delivery food habits. When you are old and infirm, they might just save your life! One such person, an old lady pizza enthusiast who has ordered from a Memphis Domino's every day for three years, can fully attest to this fact.