The Price Of A Fashionable Wife

Moe · 09/09/08 12:20PM

Somewhere out there is a budding female public intellectual destined to marry an embarrassingly oversharey lifestyle magazine editor1 who dribbles out in monthly editor's letters the grotesquely bourgeois details of their life, providing endless gossip fodder to media workers frustrated in their own loveless (if not as literal!) marriages to the consumerism bankrolling their profession. Until then, however, we will have to be satisfied with the likes former Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner, whose wife shares their home life with the readers of the New York Times—and smartypants Jacob Weisberg. The Slate group editor sleeps on a horsehair mattress covered in "beautiful heavy linen" and sheets from a special shop in London, all of which we know because his wife, Domino editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman, told Fashion Week Daily in excruciating detail (click thumb for a closeup) about the marital bed. By the way, New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell introduced the couple! (Hey Gladwell, anyone ever tell you you were a "connector"?)

Keira Knightley Doesn't Mind Stripping Down, But Are Those Body Parts Really Hers?

Molly Friedman · 06/20/08 03:55PM

Though she may not be among the top five searches on Mr. Skin, Keira Knightley just adores getting naked on screen. Discussing her upcoming Sienna Miller lovefest Edge Of Love, she tells People: "I always bare my breasts...It's not like it's only in this film!" Whoopee! Well, not so much. We took Keira up on her implied offer to review just how many times she's stripped down for the sake of The Craft, and have one primary question post-study: having exposed 26 (no, not a typo) cinematic naughty bits so far, are we so sure they really belong to her? NSFW evidence lies after the jump.

Marc Jacobs Employee Finds Controversy on 'Lucky' and 'Domino'

noelle_hancock · 04/07/08 05:22PM

Everyone say "Hi Ginny!" We have a feeling we might be seeing this one again. Her name is Ginny Branch. She is profiled in this month's issue of Lucky magazine. The 24-year-old reveals that she prefers to wear clothes from the Marc Jacobs children clothing line because they better fit her petite body (an admission that's sure to earn her some friends among the female population). The problem is, while she was plugging MJ, Lucky neglected to mention that she actually works in the designer's store on Bank and West 4th. Instead, they listed her job solely as "fashion illustrator." Whoops! So much for full disclosure.

Emily Gould · 08/08/07 10:55AM

Have you guys ever actually read Domino magazine, "the guide to living with style"? We hadn't either, until recently (housesitting). Here is the kind of quote we found within. From interior designer David Netto, on his "signatures": "Cedric Hartman lamps, log baskets, Prouve chairs from Vitra—inevitably, you need one somewhere." Inevitably. Also, from interior designer Tom Schaerer: "There's nothing worse than a dining table with legs at the edge or corners." Uh. Genocide?

Where Deborah Needleman and Jacob Weisberg's Magic Happens

emily · 05/14/07 04:35PM

"The paint-it-all-white thing is a total Domino trick," says Deborah, the editor of that magazine, of the Tribeca loft she shares with her husband, Slate editor Jacob Weisberg, and their two kids. Good trick! Unless anyone ever has any kind of a period.

'Domino' Empowers You To Scorn The Staff

Doree · 05/04/07 03:16PM

Marian McEvoy's column in this month's Domino—you know, Lucky for the home?—offers some advice for giving constructive criticism to those in our lives: "Passive-aggressive behavior or defensive explosions will guarantee disaster." So true! Also she has some useful suggestions on how to deal with the household help. (Click to enlarge.)

Cheese Precipitates Nervous Breakdown at 'Observer'

Jessica · 03/21/06 10:04AM

While it may very much seem that we are only capable of distate and disgust, we love the Observer. We also love much of their staff, a smartypants bunch of devilkins who are known to randomly appear at events in inappropriately dapper suits. So we raise the following issue with nothing but the utmost concern:

Media Bubble: Oh, Oh, Oh, 'Domino'

Jesse · 02/15/06 01:16PM

• Mr. Magazine says Domino was the launch of the year. Runners-up include Celebrity Living Weekly and Everyday With Rachel Ray. Which is great, because the world needed more shopping, celeb, and vanity magazines. [MIN]
The Atlantic is now safely ensconced in Washington, but it still lacks an editor. And might for some time. [NYO]
• Newspapers and magazine want to convince marketers to advertise in them. Also, the sky is still blue. [NYT]
• Diane, Charlie, and Barbara gamely go once more into the breach for God and network. [NYO]
• Viacom chief Sumner Redstone's son sues to break up the family business. Oh, those impetuous little kids. Those impetuous, 55-year-old, little kids. [NYT]

Remember the Magazine Year That Kinda Wasn't

Jessica · 12/02/05 08:02AM

Because mornings are for tears and existential loathing, we present you with MediaPost's 2005 Mag Rack, published last January, which mentions the publications they were looking forward to in the coming year. As 2005 draws to a close, we found the following old list of anticipated publications to be most appropriate for your seasonal depressive nostalgia. What they once were hoping for: