Dominick Dunne, glorified gossip columnist

Gawker · 01/28/03 11:45AM

Excerpts from a radio interview with Dominick Dunne that has precipitated a lawsuit on behalf of Gary Condit:
· "Now some of this I can't explain, and I don't want to get into any trouble saying. But..."
· "And at one point he said...or words to that effect. And I wrote all this down at the time...[but] I can't vouch for any of this."
A horse-whisperer's tale trails Dominick Dunne [NYT]

The real Vanity Fair demographic

Gawker · 12/17/02 11:18PM

The Washington Post's Peter Carlson reports that female inmates in a Maryland prison just looooove Vanity Fair. Especially Dominick Dunne's column. (At least someone's reading it.) And the perfume strips! Dominick Dunne's column and the perfume strips! Which they cut into little pieces and pass around so everyone can share. (The perfume strips, not the columnalthough we understand the confusion. Cutting Dominick's column into little pieces has brought untold pleasures to countless numbers of people.)
Santa's subscriptions [Washington Post via]