Website Addresses Will Never Be the Same

Adrian Chen · 06/20/11 03:22PM

ICANN, the international organization in charge of web domain names, has just decided to allow people to register pretty much anything as a top-level domain. That means instead of boring old .com and .net, we could be visiting "www.cute.dogs" soon.

Facebook's Insanely Aggressive War on Critics

Ryan Tate · 05/26/11 03:12PM

Facebook really doesn't want you criticizing its technology. Especially via a domain name you bought for that very purpose. That's why the social network has assumed control of such incredibly specific domain names as Paranoid much?

10 .me domains to rush for

Nick Douglas · 10/05/07 04:43PM

Montenegro starts selling domains with its new .me extension next year. Here's what I'll be trying to buy.

Top 10 ridiculous domains

Nick Douglas · 02/23/07 07:33PM

NICK DOUGLAS — The domain paradox: Domains used for actual online companies are terrible (,, while domains registered for no good reason are wonderful (,, Here are ten fantastic domains that have been claimed — and five that haven't.Claimed