Naked Passenger: I Got Drunk, Took Xanax, and Peed on Dolph Lundgren

Andy Cush · 06/01/15 04:23PM

Consider Matthew Pritchard, the shirtless 42-year-old man in the Instagram photo above. What might he be thinking? “I could use another Corona.” “I look great in these shades.” “Hours ago, I was emptying my willie onto the feet of world-renowned action star and martial artist Dolph Lundgren.”

Fox & Friends Dare Dolph Lundgren to Break Them

John Siegel · 08/19/10 12:20PM

This morning, Fox & Friends had the revitalized Dolph Lundgren in to answer questions about The Expendables. From questions about not being American to Sly Stallone fawning, Doocy and Co. were begging to be broken by Ivan Drago.

The Expendables Trailer Has Arrived!

Frank Cozzarelli · 03/31/10 06:05PM

The trailer for The Expendables (née My Big Fat 90's Action Movie) debuted today and features Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and a panoply of other names you haven't heard since Demoliton Man was tearing up the box office.

Dolph Lundgren: Still Master of the Universe

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 02/09/10 11:45AM

Just when you think Dolph Lundgren has completely jeopardized his He-Man title, cheesily dancing and singing at Melodifestivalen (the Swedish qualifier for Eurovision), he displays the full smörgåsbord of his talent with a musical karate demonstration and a drum freakout.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/03/09 07:58AM

Today is a very special occasion for the Queen Bee of fashion. Vogue's Anna Wintour turns 60 today. Others celebrating on this third day of November: Model Gemma Ward is 22. Roseanne Barr turns 57. Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis is 76. Playwright Terrence McNally is turning 70. Dennis Miller turns 56. Film director Hal Hartley is 50. Theater producer Tom Viertel is 68. Writer Joe Queenan turns 59. Phil Simms, the former Giants quarterback and now TV commentator, is turning 54. Famed AIDS researcher David Ho is 57. Kate Capshaw, the actress and wife of Steven Spielberg, is 56. And '80s action star Dolph Lundgren is 52 today.