Little Girls Protest Iran Barbie Ban: Alternate Doll 'Ugly and Fat'

Maureen O'Connor · 01/18/12 12:50PM

Ooh boy. Here's a quote that speaks volumes, from Reuters' article about Iran's morality police "cracking down" on the sale of Barbie dolls, which is forbidden. Stores have been instructed to sell Iran's specially-designed, ultra-demure Sara and Dara dolls instead, to the disgust of the superficial girl tykes of Tehran:

The Nazi Sex Doll That Almost Was

Max Read · 07/11/11 08:45PM

People talk so much about the "fanatic genocidal fascism" aspect of Nazis that some of their other, less genocidal (but no less crazy!) ideas. Like the Nazi sex doll "designed to stop soldiers being laid low with syphilis"!

Life Is a Kewpie Doll With No Surprise Inside

Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/10 02:37PM

The Way We Live Now: charging towards every incentive, negative or not. Survival is the bottom line. Drug sales? Yes! Stealing from neighbors? Yes! Good credit? Bah! Life is but a doll's carcass, full of dust.

Everybody Mad at Dolls, Cartoons

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/09 12:31PM

We like to "jest" with the advertising industry about how stupid and evil they are, but the truth is that marketing is not easy. Today in Fuzzy Public Outrage: Dolls are racist, and soap bubbles are rapists.