Sex and the City May, In Fact, Be Accurate About Sex

Richard Lawson · 05/29/08 03:30PM

How many sexual partners have the seemingly promiscuous ladies of Sex and the City had? 95 (94 men, one woman). Samantha's had 41 (plus one woman) and Carrie has had like 18. But what about the real women of New York that these characters are supposed to represent? You know, the ones who walk by you on the street, bump into you in a rumbling subway car, or press their bare breasts onto your face while you're on your lunch break and awkwardly tugging at your wedding ring? How many sexual partners have they had? Well, the average is 20, which is pretty darn close to Carrie's magic number (so far! haven't seen the movie yet!) and is double the amount of bonin' buddies than is typical elsewhere in the country. There's something about this city's smoke, its grime, and its residents' smug sense of entitlement and elitism that just gets women going.