Town Mayor Caught Throwing Dog Shit on Neighbor's Sidewalk

Aleksander Chan · 06/10/14 10:42PM

San Marino, Ca. Mayor Dennis Kneier was busted for having thrown a bag of dog shit onto a neighbor's walkway. The neighbor, Philip Lao, caught Kneier tossing the doo with the security cameras outside his home and believes it was done in retaliation for his opposition to a proposed neighborhood dog park.

Treasury Reimburses Man $500 for Mangled Dogshit-Stained Bills

Lacey Donohue · 10/02/13 07:29PM

Wayne Klinkel of Helena, Montana was reimbursed $500 Monday by the federal government after the family dog ate a wad of cash at Christmastime. In December, Klinkel and his wife left Sundance, their 12-year-old Golden Retriever, in the car while they ate at a diner; after eating, they realized the cash they’d left in the car was gone and that Sundance, who eats “anything in sight,” was responsible for the disappearance.

Don't Say 'Doo Doo' Near NYPD Cops

Jeff Neumann · 07/13/11 05:21AM

A 17-year-old kid says he was beaten by cops in the Bronx after he walked past an officer who was scraping dog shit off his shoe and said, "It smells like doo-doo." Tyre Davis told the Daily News that he was then berated by the cops, handcuffed and later punched several times in the head. Who wouldn't laugh if they saw a cop step in dog shit?

Woman Claims NYPD Beating Over Dog Crap

Jeff Neumann · 12/08/10 06:25AM

A Queens woman claims two NYPD cops beat her last month for not picking up her dog's shit. She said that the pile they saw was "cold" and therefore not her dog's, so they arrested and allegedly beat her. [NYDN]

Bullshit, Bat Shit, Ape Shit: A Taxonomy of Rhetorical Shit

Maureen O'Connor · 04/02/10 12:19AM

An intrepid reader writes, "How do you decide which is the better term 'apeshit' or 'batshit'? It must be a tough call." With all the different types of shit out there, choosing the correct shit can be a mess.