Cut My Hair Right

A dog · 08/11/16 03:00PM

A-oooooga! The sound of the approaching tugboat shatters the night’s fog. I make the boat sound with my own wet mouth.

Is This a Two-Legged Puppy or a Rare Black and White Kangaroo?

Andy Cush · 01/20/15 11:22AM

Roo is a five-month-old black-and-white animal who hops around on her hind legs. Despite her unusual coloring, she seems verily a kangaroo; witness her athletic haunches, upturned tail, and quintessentially kangarooish posture. But what if she's actually a dog?

"Hey": A New Column from a Dog

Max Read · 03/25/14 03:41PM

We're extremely pleased to announce the hiring of a new Gawker columnist, a dog, who will maintain a blog at Please enjoy a dog's first column, "Hey."